Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Backyard Fairy Garden Birthday Party

Olive was so excited about her 6th birthday party theme - A flower garden fairy party.

She picked it by herself and had a great time helping me execute her vision for the party.  She told me I was a great party planner so my job is done.

We shopped around all over to find the perfect things - many of which came from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Amazon.  I'll try to find links for anything I can on Amazon.

We invited some of her favorite friends and missed a few due to sickness.  We felt so lucky to have a sweet crew of kids to celebrate with.  I was also thankful Kevin could come home early to help with her after school party and my mom came in town to help me execute all of our crafty projects.

I'll give you all the details on planting flowers and building gnome homes today.  Stay tuned for a DIY flower crown post because they turned out DARLING.

Happy 6th Birthday Olive!
Her real birthday isn't until May 29th, but it's a busy time of year so we had to fit her party in a little early this year.  I spent the last couple weeks prepping the backyard for a party.  There's nothing like hosting a big gathering to motivate you to get stuff done - right!?!   It feels so good to have everything potted and ready to grow for Summer.

I made a quick invite on the Canva app on my phone and texted it out to our friends.  Postage is so expensive that I decided I'd text out the invitations and mail out thank you notes to be a little more budget friendly this year.

I picked up 6 pinwheel flowers at Dollar Tree.  We lined the driveway with them to greet guests.

Olive requested her favorite sugar cookies for dessert.  She picked up the shapes and I got busy.

I was so excited to see rainbow sanding sugar sprinkles at Kroger.  These are my favorite kind of sprinkles for sugar cookies.  I think I'll stock up the next time sprinkles are on sale :)

I love putting together party supplies.  I pulled some things from my stash of party supplies and then the rest came from Dollar Tree or Walmart.

I kept the menu really simple and perfect for after school snacks.
Everything could be prepped and plated ahead of time.
I also provided smaller plates so they kids didn't feel like they had to fill up a big plate.

Grapes & apples
Cheese cubes and salty crackers
Carrots and cucumbers
Sugar cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies
Gummy Butterflies
Skinny Pop
Water & Pink lemonade

The kids were the most excited for the sugar cookies & the butterfly gummies.

The girls all made flower crowns!  They looked beautiful!!  I've got a fun tutorial coming up for you on these that's so easy.

Olive's favorite party game is Hot Potato so we played a couple rounds of it.

Time for the Gardening to begin!!
I picked up plastic pots at Dollar Tree, flats of Impatiens (Olive requested a shady plant) and picked up all the accessories we'd need to build gnome homes at Dollar Tree.  I filled the pots half full with rocks in the bottom and soil on top ahead of time.

All of the gnome home supplies came from Dollar Tree except for the tiny mushrooms.  I'll put the link at the bottom of the post for those.  They were my favorite item!!

We put down two rectangle table cloths and all the planting supplies on top of it.  Everyone loved this part of the party.  The moms were so nice to jump in and help pass out flowers and help plant.  It wasn't really very messy at all.  No surprise that Fletcher was covered in dirt, but most kids didn't get dirty at all.

I read our favorite Backyard Fairies book to get the gets excited about building their gnome homes.  No one had read the book before so it was fun to introduce them to a new book.  There are fairies and gnomes hiding on every page which made it a fun read aloud.

They all turned out SO CUTE!!  The kids were really proud of them.  They each wrote their names on the popsicle stick to claim their garden.  I sent them home in plastic grocery sacks so they'd transport easily.  Everyone loved them!

 It took a team to pull off this cute backyard party :)

 Here are the Amazon *affiliate* links to the cute garden party supplies:


  1. This party is so fun - simple and just right for little hands. I love the theme!

  2. This is my favorite party you've ever done! So many cute ideas!! I love how you planned out every detail down to how they would transport their little gardens home without messes. I've started texting images for invitations, too. It's affordable and it ensures that everyone gets the information. Happy Birthday to Olive!!

  3. This is the CUTEST birthday party I have ever seen!!! You did such an amazing job Whitney!!! Every detail is just so PRECIOUS. I want you to be my mom! HA! You are incredible and I love how you are so intentional in making experiences and people just feel SO special!

  4. This is the best party theme! So fun and creative! My 3 yo daughter made a fairy garden this year and she loves it!

  5. I LOVE IT!! You did a great job! That theme is absolutely darling :-)

  6. What a FUN and cute party! I love all of the details and I'm sure everyone loved their gardens!


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