Wednesday, May 29, 2019

6 Things We Love About Olive

 Olive officially turns 6 today!!!

 Our 6 Favorite Things about OLIVE KATE:

1. She's so curious!  She loves to learn.  She's always thinking and asking questions.  She loves art, creating things and using her imagination. 

2. Olive knows what she wants and what she likes.  Her mind is rarely swayed by others.  She has LOVED kindergarten so much.

3. She always calls me her cutie - Fletcher

4. I love it that she's so brave.  She's always surprising us with her bravery and willingness to try new things like riding the school bus on the first day of school, trying tennis, doing the ropes course, trying new foods, etc. - Kevin

5. She likes to do things independently and is always asking for new responsibilities.

6. Olive is a girlie girl!  She has always loved dresses, jewelry and looks forward to picking out her earrings every day.

6 Year Old Birthday Interview:
1. What are your favorite things to do?
 I love math manipulatives, reading, homework and going to Dairy Queen.

2. Favorite foods?
Olives, peaches, cucumbers, popsicles, ice cream, sugar cookies, icing, bread sticks, lemonade, naked noodles, ketchup and mustard sandwich, goldfish and fun dips.

3. What are you really good at?
I'm really good at writing, art, climbing trees and playing tennis.

4. What's hard for you?
Learning how to write cursive, backwards letters instead of forwards letters and riding my bike without training wheels.

5. Who are your friends?
Wilson, Mattelyn, Mimi, Kendall, Claire, DH, Maddie & Emma.

6. What's something you like to learn how to do now that you're six?
Ride my bike without training wheels.  I also want to learn how to do the back stroke.

7. Favorite books?
Ramona Quimbey, Mercy Watson, Boxcar Children.

8. Favorite places to go on a trip?
 Newburgh, Florida, Chicago and Destin.

9. What are you favorite toys?
 Unicorn toys, Polly Pockets, Big Fingerlings, Hatchimals, Horses and Shopkins.

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
An artist.  All kinds of art.

A little walk down memory lane...

 Olive: 5

Olive: 4

 Olive: 3

 Olive 2

 Olive: 1

 Newborn Olive:

 It's a JOY to be her parents.


  1. Happy Birthday, Olive! She has grown into such a sweet little firecracker! I love it!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Olive! I hope it’s the most amazing one yet. What a sweet little post about your best girl!


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