Thursday, May 16, 2019

Birthday Wish List When You're 6

Olive has been counting down the days until her birthday for weeks.  May 29th is quickly approaching and I'm still a little in denial that she's turning six.  Time sure flies!!

I wanted to share her birthday wish list with you in case you've got a six year old at your house, a niece or a nephew to shop for or maybe a sweet friend you'd like to surprise.

We tried something new this year where we went strolling through the toy aisles at Meijer and snapped pictures of things that Olive wanted for her birthday.  She realized that she wasn't going to get everything on the list, but this would give us a good list to work with.  We are also lucky to have family and friends who ask for gift suggestions when birthdays roll around.  I'd highly recommend going that route if you are able to ask for a wish list of a couple gift options.

(My current favorite picture of Olive.  Snapped it yesterday to document her lovely flower crown :)

1. Olive loves all tiny toys - Hatchimals, Shopkins, Calico Critters, etc.  She plays with them so much.  She loves collecting them and the surprise of opening up the Hatchimal eggs to see what is inside.

2. Barbie Pets & Barbie Unicorns
More tiny things with the tiny Barbie pets. Kevin's Grandma is surprising Olive with the unicorn styling head after she's been admiring it in store for weeks.

3. Games
We love playing games together.  We got Olive Operation and HedBandz.  I think they'll be a lot of fun to play as a family.  Rock Em Sock Em caught her eye at the store.

4. Accessories - earrings, umbrella of her own and necklaces

5. Art Supplies
She loves this art set so much that I'll probably buy a second one for her.  It's an amazing price for a HUGE set of art supplies. 

6. A few things that she doesn't know she wants, but I know she'd love:

Kid safe knives so she could help with more chopping in the kitchen.

A Kindle Fire - anyone else have kids that have one?  Which version?  What's your favorite things to do with them?

New streamers for her bike.

Mercy Watson book series has been recommended to me by a couple different people.

She's going to just love any gifts that she gets for her birthday!!  This is such a fun age to shop for because there are tons of cute things for under $20.

Did I forget anything?  Is there anything else you can think of to recommend for a 6 year old girl?

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  1. My kids loved the game Guess Who, such fond memories playing this game. I so enjoy your blog, thanks for all you do.

  2. Awe I miss this stage! But at the same time it's great not having toys all over the house! HA

  3. Such a fun list. We had a Kindle Fire. I'm such an Apple person we ended up getting a used iPad because it was something we were more familiar with but I know a lot of people love the Kindle Fire, so I hope you find some good tips!

  4. We LOVE those Curious Chef knives. Both the buds love helping me chop up fruit with them. She has an awesome birthday list going on! I'm sure her skin is the only thing containing her excitement!!

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