Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Family Goals

I started something new a couple of weeks ago with my family and I'm loving how it's going so far.  I set some new family goals for our afternoons, evenings and weekends together.  I brainstormed some ideas for several days and then posted them on a letter board for everyone to see.

My motivation behind making the list was that I didn't love how we were spending our time together.

There was too much screen time for everyone.

My kids love shows, movies and the adults love their phones.  I hoped that by shifting our attention to other things that we end up with more quality time together and enjoying our time together more.

It was a struggle at first limiting shows after school, but now they know they each get to pick one and we're done.  It's so fun that Olive is starting to read more and more.  She'll look over the list and say - Let's do ______!!  It also helps that the weather is getting so much nicer making some of these things easier.

It was also a struggle for me at first.  I just pick up my phone all the time and start scrolling through social media without evening thinking about it.  Now I throw my phone on the charger when Olive gets home from school and move on to other things.  I'll grab an iced coffee and a book, work on preparing some good food for dinner or make plans to head outside.

I should also say that I did not approach this from a critical or criticizing angle with my family.

I didn't nag about too much screen time or complain.  I just took charge of our family goals and made the shift.  I led by example - putting my own phone and computer away - and then changes started happening for everyone.  I don't think that anyone appreciates being nagged about things so I'd highly recommend changing your behavior first and watching changes happen with everyone else.  We've definitely cut back on screen time, but we still enjoy them, too.  We won't be getting rid of our tvs or dvrs or phones anytime soon.  Just enjoying more quality time together than before.

I think our goals are pretty self explanatory and are easy things for kids and adults to grasp.  We've been doing this for a couple weeks now.  The only changes that I see making ot the list are maybe adding in some fun summer options like swim, popsicles or garden.

I wanted to share some of our favorite family things right now:

My friend Whitney at Come Home for Comfort mentioned that the Dollar Tree had popsicles recently.  I couldn't way to try them out because my kids love popsicles.  I picked up these two varieties.  Juicy Juice = 10 for $1 and they're the perfect size for kids.  We haven't tried the Italian ices yet, but they look yummy!  They're 6 for $1.

I loved that the Juicy Juice popsicles weren't full of food coloring and they tasted delicious!!  Kids and adults loved them.  I am going to be seriously stocking up on these for summer.  I think I've purchased 6 boxes so far.  ha!

Popsicles = so many smiles.

We've been checking out new parks and playing together.

We've also been investing in fun things for the kids to enjoy together outside.  This week I picked up a $1 bag of Military Action Figures for their rock pit underneath our swing set.  They've had the best time hiding, transporting and camouflaging these military guys all over the backyard.

Scratch Art.
I've purchased a couple of boxes of these now and we just love them.  I bought one for a playgroup with friends and we've enjoyed another one at home.  They're so much fun!!  The quality is great and you can scratch them off with toothpicks, popsicle sticks, pennies or your finger nail.  Both kids have really enjoyed them.

They come in a box of 150 notes.  They're post it note size, but really thick for easy art work.  I think they'd be great for road trips, birthday parties or some fun art at home with your kids.  

Olive did these scratch art family portraits as surprise for me.  I just love them!  They're hanging up in our kitchen and I smile every time I look at them.

What are your favorite things to do with your family??

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  1. I love how you made goals for your family in a way that wasn't critical. I was off of social media for lent, and it really made me realize how often I pick up my phone. And I've also realized that what I'm doing sets the tone for the whole family. If I'm zoned out on my phone, everyone else follows. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  2. That is a great idea. I know if I come home and sit down to watch TV, my motivation to get anything done is out the window. With it being warmer out now, I'm trying to get outside more in the evening. I've seen where people have apps that can time out social media or whatever it is you're spending too much time on. I'd like to try one of those out to see how efficient they are. I have an outdoor project list as well as finishing the nursery so that should be my focus! :)

  3. This is so great! I love it! We had some morning routine issues, so we made some fixes and it's been helping a lot. I hate nagging!

  4. What a great family goal! I try to leave my phone in one spot in the kitchen when all the kids are home from school to minimize my habit of reaching for it. I like the idea of having an activity to do - I try to have something in mind for after school to help us from being total moofs! Ha ha!

  5. I have to brainstorm ideas for us this summer or the kids will stay on their screens.

  6. YES to post Whitney!!! Now that it is lighter outside way past dinner...we love to go on family walks and the kids get to enjoy a popsicle (if they eat their dinner ;)
    We don't struggle with screen time as the kiddos don't have any devices...but I do have to be careful with just plopping them in front of a show. We are all so much happier when we snuggle up on the couch together to read a book or play in the playroom a little bit before bed time. You are absolutely right though...WE set the tone and by our actions can lead the rest of our family in how we intentionally spend our time together!!


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