Thursday, January 22, 2015

Game of Hearts

I purchased a bag of big heart candies and knew Olive would have fun playing with them.  While she was napping, I set up a little Valentine game of sorts and left it out for her to find when she woke up.  She went straight to it, smiled and said, "What's this?"

I let her explore it all for several minutes and then I started showing her how to scoop the hearts with the spoon.  She quickly took over and really enjoyed transferring the hearts.

 She tried transferring the hearts with spoons and with her hands.

 Then we stacked the hearts and she knocked them over.

 She dumped the hearts, we counted them, sorted them by colors, I read her some of the messages and she thought it was funny to sneak a lick of the hearts every now and then.  Overall, it was a really fun game that we'll play over and over again to get ready for Valentine's Day.

Side note: I watched her closely because I knew she'd try to sample the candy.  I let her lick them and then put them back.  I wouldn't leave her alone to play with this game since the hearts could be a choking hazard.


  1. I think this is a super cute idea but I'm gonna go on and tell ya that if I did this with my wild child Jack he would have thrown those candy hearts all over the place. I could do this with my nephew Bennett, he would love it. It looks like she had a wonderful time and it was such a festive fun idea.

  2. How fun! I wonder if Olivia would just eat them? I guess it would be something for her to do while eating them. What a fun festive game! I want to do more Valentine's day things.


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