Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book Club of ONE

I found myself missing my book club days lately.  I loved reading a variety of books, discussing them with friends and eating delicious treats together.  I loved choosing books for the group and being introduced to books that I would have never chosen on my own.  Book clubs are a great way to get to know people so maybe I need to work on starting a new book club?  

I have been reading several books and wanted to share them with you.

Love Does by Bob Goff
I've been hearing about this book for months and it was worth all the hype.  Mr. Goff tells stories from his own life story and shares how God was working in his life.  He shares how he continually goes outside his comfort zone to try new things and be brave in the name of loving others.  He reinterates that you don't have to be the smartest, brightest person for the job, you just have to be willing to accept the challenge.  He's very motivating and inspiring with his story telling.  You'll find yourself thinking of ways you can reach out to others, be a better friend and really love well the people around you.  Definitely would recommend this book to you!!

The Daniel Plan
by Waren, Amen and Hyman
The Daniel Plan is a faith based healthier lifestyle plan.  It focuses on teaching you how to make healthier choices for yourself and weaves scriptural references throughout the book.  I can see that this book would be very effective in groups or if whole churches studied it.  I felt that the plan focuses on all aspects of your life and thus would help you to be more successful in implementing change.   I wish that the book was a bit more concise and therefore a quicker read.  I appreciated the fitness guides and meal plans that were included in the book.  Overall, it was a new approach to dieting and self improvement that would be easy to follow.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review of it.

Olive's current favorite books are:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
You are My Cupcake
any picture naming books or animal books

Kevin really enjoyed this book:
The Death of Money: The coming collapse of the International Monetary System
by James Rickards
(see what I mean about him liking serious books :)

I just started reading Cold Tangerines
by Shauna Niequist
and am really enjoying the first 50 pages of it.

What are you reading these days?

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  1. You have intrigued me with Love Does. I really want to check this one out now. I really like this idea and such a great motivator. Yeah you are right, Kevin does read some serious stuff. I wish Jack (he is 2) would listen to books better. He will make it through about half a picture book. My nephew loved Brown Bear. You can get the characters online. He loved that. We would put them in order each time we read the book.


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