Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Whitney Wore

Hello 39th week of pregnancy.  One of my 3rd graders asked me why I've been wearing my belts so much higher lately... I had to explain that my belts don't really fit around my waist anymore.  She just laughed and told me that one day they would.  Ha!  I hope she's right :)

Here are the looks that I put together for my bump this week:

1. Running Errands
top & skinnies - Motherhood
scarf - Old Navy
fuscia flats - Target

2. Teaching
top & skinnies - Motherhood
flats - Wal-mart
belt, purse & scarf - TJ Maxx

 3. Church & Dinner 
top & skinnies - Motherhood
flower - JC Penneys
flats - Wal-Mart

My neighbor cat likes to supervise my ootd photo shoots :)


  1. oh my goodness--you look great! i am 34 weeks along and definitely cannot throw together cute outfits like you, well done!! ive mostly been in comfy clothes and my husbands t-shirts, hehe. i guess thats a perk of quitting my job to be home. im sure you are so excited for your baby and summer break, take care and best of luck with everything!!

  2. how cute are you?! it's just like a little basketball out in front. this is so exciting!

  3. Love your scarves and your bug blue flower. Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday. Hope to see you back next week!
    Penniless Socialite


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