Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Check Up

Wrapping up 36 weeks
I visited with my OB yesterday and had a good check up.
Olive is doing GREAT!
She got the hiccups again during my NST so that's always funny.
She was moving a ton and passed her wellness check with flying colors.
My blood pressure is still high but lower than it has been
so I won't be getting induced at 37 weeks.
I'm up to three doctor visits a week to keep an eye on things
but have been cleared to keep working and doing my usual activities.

We are repeating all of my tests again next week to continue to monitor everything.
Depending on those results, we'll know how to proceed.
If my numbers are staying about the same,
I'll be induced at 39 weeks or Olive will come on her own.
If my numbers go up past the acceptable levels,
then I will be induced STAT!

Looks like Olive will be arriving no later than the last week of May!!
I'm glad that I have a little more time to get ":ready"
but I am also keeping in mind that babies have a timeline of their own
that doesn't include consulting their parents upon arrival.

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