Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photo Shoot Inspiration

The siblings in my family went together to get my mom a gift certificate to update our family photo for Mother's Day.  We did this two years ago and it was a big hit so I thought we should do it again.  My cousin is our photographer of choice so it works out perfectly.  We updated our picture two years ago and it'll be extra fun this time around because we'll have three new little girls to add this the picture!

My mom gets to pick the color theme, because it's her gift, but I wanted to give her a little help.  She's pretty visual so I sent her lots of links to different family picture options from Pinterest to give her some ideas for color combinations.  We went with black, red & khaki for our last one so we wanted something different this time.  She made her decision and we are going with the picture below for our color inspiration:
via Pinterest

Our only rules:
Find an outfit that is red, turquoise, yellow and/or jeans -
you can do one, two or all colors - whatever you want.
Pick an outfit that fits your personality or that you feel most comfortable in.
Anything in the color scheme is okay - skirts, jeans, crops, dresses, etc.
Patterns are okay as long as they go with the colors. 
Accessories are encouraged.

It should be a fun photo shoot in a few months!

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