Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I feel like a rookie this year and am still wrapping my head around the fact that this is
My FIRST Mother's Day!

I've been a cat mom for 5+ years and I always feel loved by them
but our world is about to change.  I overheard my hubby talking to my boys the other day.  He was telling them that there was going to be another GIRL joining our family very soon.  He told them they'd love her but that it was going to be a bit of a change for them :)

One of my students had the following conversation with me on Friday,
"Are you pretty excited to have your first Mother's Day this weekend?  
I mean it's kind of a big deal."
I told him that I was excited and he hoped I had some fun plans.

I got my first set of Mother's Day cards.

My first bouquet of Mother's Day flowers from Kevin.

And I'm wearing my first Mother's Day gift.
My mom wore this necklace a lot when I was younger and I'd always admired it.  I realized that I liked it even more when I found out the story behind it.  My dad gave it to my mom on her first Mother's Day when she was pregnant with ME 31 years ago.  I always hoped I'd get the chance to wear it for my own Mother's Day and in 2013 this dream came true :)  Thanks for passing down your first Mother's Day gift to me, Mom.

I leave you with a good mommy motto...


  1. I am so glad to see you are wearing the necklace. :) Your world is definitely going to change but it is all so worth it.Looking so forward to meeting Olive! You are going to be the best Mom. Love you, Mom

  2. Happy Mother's Day. I hope you had a lovely day. It will probably be the quietest Mother's Day you'll have for quite a few years. You look great and so calm about baby Olive coming so soon.
    Ruthie Xxx

  3. How precious are your cats!!! They look like their hugging each other!!! Love the necklace and the meaning behind it!!

  4. That necklace is so charming! Can't wait to meet Olive!


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