Friday, May 10, 2013

Great Week!

Happy Friday!!  This week marks the wrap up of many big events at work.  I scheduled portfolio showcases, teaching, helping conduct interviews, tons of testing, open houses and end of the year luncheons all to conclude by today.  It's tricky to know when your baby will arrive so I wanted to give myself a good window of time.  I'm due June 3rd but am thinking I'm going to have a May baby.

Here were the highlights:
1. We watched the Kentucky Derby, admired the hats and fashion,
then ate lots of Derby Pie :)

2. We did our first load of baby laundry this week.  One more item checked off the to do list before baby Olive arrives.

3. My room moms planned a great baby shower for me and my class.  Each of my students used puff paint to decorate their own onesie to give to Olive.  Everyone had fun doing this project.

4. Everything at Jamba Juice has sounded good lately with the weather warming up.  I love their Berry Fulfilling smoothie and any other smoothie with raspberries in it.  If you haven't tried their apple cinnamon soft pretzel, you are MISSING OUT!  It's under $2 and SO tasty.

5. We had lots of graduation events going on for friends this week.  It was great to visit with them and hang out with good friends that aren't usually in town.

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