Saturday, May 18, 2013

Penny Ann's Cafe

My husband is a GREAT deal finder.
He gets emails from Groupon, Living Social and several others on a daily basis.  He'll buy dinner coupons, hotel stays and tickets for sporting events at a very discounted rate.  He loves to surprise me with his new finds and treat me to new places around Salt Lake.

Last week, we went to brunch downtown at

We were slightly disappointed that they weren't still serving breakfast at 11:15 since we'd heard they were famous for their breakfast menu.  However, the staff assured us that their lunch was really tasty.  We decided to stay and give their lunch a try.

We both ordered sandwiches and sweet potato fries.
I got ham & cheese and Kevin got a roast beef grinder.
I'm pretty picky about meat so I was pleased to get really high quality sandwich meat.
Our fries came with a Utah staple of Fry Sauce and a pickle.
We both loved our food and would definitely go back.
We asked to see their breakfast menu 
and are anxious to go back early one morning to give it a try.


  1. Oooo we love PAC! I think on Sundays they are only open until like 1 or 2, so they serve breakfast all day. That might be an option so you don't have to get up so early.

  2. I think its so funny that Utah serves "fry sauce" with your fries!! I remember when my brother and I were little mixing mayonnaise and ketchup and making our own "fry sauce!!" I don't know if its the same but I love it still to this day!! I haven't had it in forever though since I'm trying to lose weight! So glad you and Olive had a great appointment and can't wait til her birthday!!! Another sweet Irish fan!!


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