Sunday, May 5, 2013

PhD Milestone

to my hubby!!!
He's one BIG step closer to getting his PhD.
On Friday, he finished collecting his last bit of data for his dissertation.  He's been working on this portion of his dissertation for a long time and was hoping to get it all collected by the time we had to move this July.  So with the help of several research assistants, many undergrads and his mentor, he's DONE!!  He did it!!  Now he has to compile all of his data and start writing his dissertation.  I'm so excited for him!!  We've had fun celebrating this weekend with friends.

The big items left on his PhD journey are:
Write his dissertation
Defend his dissertation
Complete his one year internship
Graduate May 2014!!


  1. congrats! that is awesome! what will his profession be when he's finished? will he teach?

    1. He's working on his PhD in Clinical Psychology with the hopes of teaching/researching and has options to counsel, work at VAs and more! It'll kind of depend on what type of jobs are available when he's looking to be hired :) Nice to have lots of options

  2. That's so awesome!! But seriously, he's a Notre Dame grad so he's gonna rock it!! Duh!! This is such a wonderful accomplishment!! Give him a huge Congratulations from a fellow Notre Dame fan!!
    Go Irish,

  3. Thanks Brooke!! I feel like we should work on a PR team for ND :) We could definitely spread the word about our love for the school!!


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