Tuesday, May 7, 2013

T-Shirt Book Report

Who needs to do a boring book report when you can do a

I found the idea here and made the project my own.
Here was the assignment that I sent home with the kids and
I gave them a month to do the project.
I think this project would work for any grade level and could easily be done with any book.  You could assign a genre, an author or a book page length to guide your students.  I told my kids they had to read a novel but then let them choose something they were really interested in reading about.  I assigned this to be a mostly at home project but it could easily be adapted to be done at school.  Just consider your population and do what works best for your students!

Here were the end results:

My 3rd graders LOVED this project!  They were thrilled to read a book of their choosing and so proud of their hard work.  They were dying to wear their shirts to school and we even inspired another class to do t-shirt book reports!!  Yay for reading!!

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  1. What a creative idea!!! You are such a good teacher and I know your students just love you!!

  2. Your mother shared this idea with our entire staff at Fairlawn! I am so glad she did! I love this idea and plan to use it next year with the 6th grade class I will have!! Great idea!!

    Kristie B

  3. Thanks ladies!! It was one of our best projects to date. My students really learned a lot and it was a pretty simple project to pull off. I'm hoping other will give it a try. I've already won over two other teachers at my school to do it with their classes.

  4. I absolutely love the tshirt idea. I am trying to read the complete directions, but it looks like some of it has been cut off. Is there any way you could email me the directions and/or rubric? Marcilyn78@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!

  5. Is there any way you could email me your letter you sent to your parents? I talked to my 4th graders about doing this for our next book report, and they are so excited! My email is ejones@ngca.net or ericabjones33@gmail.com. THanks so much!!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! Can I get a copy of your directions and rubric also? My email is bsamples@jackson.k12.ga.us.
    Bea Samples

  7. We homeschool and this is a fantastic idea! My 3rd & 6th grader will enjoy this. Thanks for sharing!


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