Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Current Baby To Do List

Here's the most up-to-date version of my baby to do list.

1. Assemble/set up baby bassinet
2. Install car seat
3. Wash all of our newborn clothes in DREFT
4. Schedule newborn pictures
5. Finish packing our hospital bags
6. Get caught up on laundry
7. Rearrange our bedroom to make room for Olive
(we aren't setting up her nursery now because we are moving at the beginning of July)
8. Get video camera charged and practice using it
9. Work on plans and things at school for when I have a sub - I have 25 little people who need some consistency in their lives while I'm busy having a baby so I'm trying to make their transition as easy as possible.
10. Clean the whole house
11. Make some phone calls to catch up with friends
12. Squeeze in a few fun things in during the next few weeks - Kevin and I enjoyed making a list of things we're hoping to get to do.
13. Get caught up on baby thank you notes
14. Go to several doctor appointments
15. Switch my closet to Spring - I share a closet with my hubby and only keep out clothes for the current season.
16. Get a haircut
17. Finish returning/exchanging all duplicate baby items
18. Get a pedicure
19. Put together rock and play sleeper
20. Reorganize baby gifts and put into containers

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  1. You need to tackle #18 to pamper yourself and relax!! Can't believe time is flying by so fast! Olive will be here before you know it!! Can't wait to see her pretty face!!!


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