Tuesday, June 19, 2012


If you live in Salt Lake, I have found the b.e.s.t. shop for you!
It's called EmilieJayne and it's downtown.
I've been wanting to stop by for a long time and I'm SO glad that I did.
The ladies who run the shop are really friendly.
Their inventory is always changing.

 You have to go through the store several times
in order to see all the treasures.
It's a great mix of new and vintage.
See what I mean??

 My parents and I spend at least an hour here.
I found this yellow stool for $18
 Magazine rack for $29 and two vintage suitcases for $30
 My parents found LOTS of good things
so they decided to ship a big box back to Indiana.
A  neat jar (RIP this jar as it didn't survive the trip :( ), stripey vase,
lots of decorations, books, greenery and more!
Everything was priced to sell and there was lots more we wanted to buy!
I wanted a bird cage that was $150, a book shelf that was $60 and a few other fun things.
Do yourself a favor and go here soon!


  1. Loved your comment about my red jar. I couldn't wait to put it on my shelves. Now, all I have is the lid that survived. :( But I am on the hunt for another one! :)

  2. I wanted to mention that I LOVED EmilieJane's!!!!! :) Mom


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