Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's been a busy week 
and I'm thrilled to say HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Here are the highlights of my week:
1. I got to go to my first, professional soccer game. 
We were gifted 4 tickets so we took some friends.
Lovely stadium in Sandy, UT but it was pretty chilly on this night.
The highlight of the experience was this chant
that the whole stadium did right before the game started.
It's been stuck in my head ALL week! 
 I learned that I don't have the attention span for soccer.
45 minute half, score 0-0
No commentating so I didn't really follow the game.
No explanation of pentalies.
A fun experience but I'm more of a football kind of girl.

2. I made my last batch of chocolate chip cookies for my students this year.
Kevin prefers to eat the cookie dough so he claims to be my taste tester.
 A mix of mini and regular sized chips is the key to delicious cookies.

3. The weather warmed up and we went to our first baseball game of the summer.
@ Spring Mobile Ball Park in downtown Salt Lake
 FYI ice cream tastes best when eaten out of a mini baseball helmet :)

 4. Personalized end of the year teacher gifts :)

5. I told a mom that her daughter was going to be in my third grade class
next year and she started crying tears of JOY!
This teacher sure felt LOVED :)

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