Friday, August 21, 2015

The Highlights

This week flew by at my house.  Lots going on and a busy weekend ahead.  The weather was mostly gorgeous and temps in the 70s are making me excited for fall.  Bring on the plaid, the scarves, the cardigans, the pumpkins and the football!!

The best parts of our week were:

1. I've been wanting a pair of Nickel & Suede earrings forever.  I've mentioned them several times and decided that the color of the month - OLIVE - had to be mine.  They are perfect.  So light, so pretty and I've worn them nearly every day this week.  Do you own a pair?  I'm thinking I want a metallic pair next.

2. Kevin had his first day of school this week.  It's his first year as a professor and he's teaching three college courses.  Olive the "supah he-row" gave him a sweet send off.  We made homemade Butterfinger blizzards to celebrate.  It's our favorite dessert - half fat vanilla bean ice cream, chopped butterfinger and a splash of milk.  Voila!

3. I have been VERY impressed with the party supply section at Wal-Mart lately.  I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow and am really loving the oval plates and all the patterned napkins.  Come back next week for a whole shower recap.  The theme is woodland creatures for a precious baby boy!

4. I just started reading One Thousand Gifts this week and am enjoying it.  Have you read it?  I've read her devotionals before, but never any of her books.  I'm hoping that I can stick with my goal to open a book and read for fun most days of the week.  Somehow it's easier to mindlessly scroll through social media instead of opening a book.  I'd like to change that!

5. Olive learned how to give a big THUMBS UP this week.  
She practices all the time and thinks it's hilarious. 
Also, Dum-Dums are her favorite thing ever.

Any fun plans for your weekend?  
We are traveling to visit family and planning to pack in a lot of fun.


  1. I love that book- I have felt the same way lately that I want to stop the mindless social media scrolling. Especially Facebook. I'd rather read a book or blog post. Love those earrings!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Olive giving the thumbs up is ADORABLE!!!! And I never thought to make homemade Blizzards!!! Yours sounds delicious!!!

  3. Love those earrings!! I haven't heard of that brand before I don'tthink!

  4. Wow, those paper goods are really cute...I'll have to check out Walmart's other party offerings!

  5. Olive's thumbs up are so cute! I like your earrings. I have been sticking to wearing studs or very small earrings because my son is still in the let-me-grab-your-earrings phase. LOL I honestly only read half of that book because it took too much thought for me to read her style of writing (if that makes sense). But that is just me, I hope that you enjoy it!

  6. There's that blizzard again! ;) the party section of Walmart really is good!! I've gotten a ton of stuff there. Target has a good one too, if you ever venture that far.


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