Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Days

Ever summer we plan a trip "home" to Southern, IN to visit as many family and friends as possible.  We are so lucky to call the same city home and have 99% of our family all in the same place.  We don't take this for granted and really look forward to our extended summer stays.  This year we split up the time staying with Kevin's parents half the time and my parents the other half.  We had a blast with both :)

We did some shopping and ate at our favorite restaurants.
Olive's currently boycotting all high chairs & booster seats.
She'll sometimes sit in a big chair, but usually wants to sit on my lap.
Silly girl.

 Olive is very convincing when she wants someone to read to her.
She hand them a book and won't settle until they read to her.
She met Paddington in books from Kevin's childhood.

 Olive mastered the art of bed climbing and took over my in law's room.
She's got good taste.
She'd pretend to sleep, get "cozy" and say "carefully, carefully" as she climbed.

 These sweet Daniel Tiger characters came home with us.
Olive is obsessed with checking out all of their details 
- watches, shoe laces, glasses, bows, etc.

 The weather was great so we enjoyed some time in the backyard.

 My parents came over one evening for a cook out.
Olive adores her Papaw, Mimi, Grandpa & Nanny.
It was fun to spend the evening with everyone.

My MIL is a really good cook - we ate great many great meals!
Fried chicken, burgers, and LOTS of desserts.

My in-laws recently got two cats - Gracie & Simeon.
It always makes me happy to be a cat whisperer.
Gracie warmed up pretty quickly
 Simeon is an extrovert and might have tried to sneak in my suitcase.
He's very friendly and played really well with Olive.
Afternoon naps :)

Thanks for a great stay, Jordans!


  1. What a GORGEOUS bedroom! And don't get me started on how good those pies look...

  2. Your in-laws have a beautiful home! I don't blame Olive for wanting to sleep in that lovely bedroom - she does have good taste! :) And those kitties - so cute! I love the picture of Olive pulling one of them in a shoe box. So funny!

  3. I don't blame Olive for climbing up on their bed. That looks like heaven!

  4. Their bed looks awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time.


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