Friday, August 14, 2015


We've had a pretty low key week at our house.  Olive was sick for several days at the beginning of the week and thankfully she's better / no one else got sick.  She doesn't get sick often so it was really scary to have her be feeling so terrible.  We have all recovered and had plenty of good moments during the rest of the week.

The best parts were...
1. Olive started feeling better so we made muffins for breakfast one day.  I tried a new recipe for Banana Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins and they were really tasty.  I'll share the recipe next week.  She woke up asking for muffins every day so I can only assume that means she loved them.

2. My master bedroom is coming together nicely.  Summer is a great time to be redoing rooms because every store is STOCKED with bedding and home goods.  I'm guessing for the moving to college crowd??  I found a great sale on bedding at Target and had good luck finding pillows at Marshalls, Target and Tuesday Morning.  I didn't bother moving my cat for the picture because he thinks he's one of my throw pillows :)

3.  I love adding rugs to a space to make it feel like home and found both of these new rugs at Tuesday Morning.  The olive entry rug was $12.99 and the larger rug for Olive's room was $29.99.  Great deals for great rugs!!

4. We've been busy running errands the past few days and 2 year old Olive has decided to start boycotting the front seat of the cart.  She'd much rather sit in the roomier backseat.  If it means she's not screaming and will be my pleasant shopping partner, then I am happy to oblige.  Thankfully Bun-Bun was happy to listen to me and sit up front.  We made fun stops at Hobby Lobby, Sams and the BMV.  We picked out perfect supplies for a woodland creature baby shower I'm hosting next weekend, got some food for the week, got IN license plates and shared a soft pretzel!  Any story that ends with sharing a soft pretzel is a good one in my book.

 5. Sometimes my hubby volunteers to cook dinner.  This usually means picking up take out from a place that he has a coupon for and I happily agree.  We tried out this new pizza place in Terre Haute this week.  The pizza was delicious and it was the first pizza we'd ever picked up in a bag.  No pizza box - wrapped in foil then wrapped in a paper bag is the way they do it.  Never seen this before.

Hope you have a great weekend :) Thanks for stopping by.  We have a busy weekend full of welcome to the department Indiana State picnics, plans to play outside and just enjoy the weekend.  Hope your weekend is a good one.


  1. My husband volunteers to cook dinner in the same fashion :) It is either that or burgers! :)

    I also love the home touches!

  2. Summer sicknesses are the worst! We are finally feeling better in our household too! And yay for finding bedding and pillows at Target and Homegoods! Almost all of my throw pillows are from there too! Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. Can't wait for the zucchini muffin recipe!! So glad Olive is feeling better, too!
    Love that green rug you got--super cute!
    Have a great weekend :)

  4. Your bed looks great! I'm working on our bedroom too. You've got such an eye for those things. I love your hubby's choice of dinner...yum. Been thinking and praying for you guys, hope the church search is going well. Hugs to you today, Whitney!

  5. Your bedroom has me swooning!!!! Is that your's or Olive's...I'm too lazy to scroll back up. And Olive in the gosh that melted this mommy's heart. My little man prefers the "big part" of the buggy as well. Have a fabulous weekend! xo Amanda

  6. Love all those pillows!!!! So much color and good food in this post!! My stomach seriously just growled. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  7. aww, Olive is SO cute on the bed with her little pink bow :) Glad she's feeling better! Have a great weekend!!

  8. Olive is so stinking cute! Glad she is feeling better :) We used to have a Tuesday Morning here and suddenly it's gone! So sad, since I've only ever been one time. That pizza looks yummy, and I've never seen it served in a bag before! Strange, but if it tastes good, who cares, right? Happy weekend!

  9. I feel you mama, Sophie was really sick this week too, and we're hoping she's on the mend. Yummy sounding muffins, I think I made a similar one like that recently, except it was all chocolate. I love that tassel rug such a nice pop of color. have a great weekend!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. Love the kitties in your pictures! My cats don't think they're throw pillows - they think the bed is there for them, and they begrudgingly share it with us. LOL! Glad Olive is feeling better!

  11. Those muffins sound delicious! Love the picture of your little kitchen helper!

  12. Soft pretzels... Mmmmm! I completely agree. That is so funny that they put their pizza in a bag! I have never seen that before either.

  13. Dan cooking dinner is always pizza haha. I love the pillows on your bed. We're doing Olivia's big girl room, so I need to go shopping for some new bedding and such!


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