Thursday, August 20, 2015

Biscuits are Not My Specialty

I am good at making cookies, cakes, desserts, salads and plenty of dinner options, but my bread making skills are lacking.  I rarely make bread, biscuits or rolls.

I love a good biscuit, but have never been able to make delicious ones.  I've tried a few recipes and they are all just fine.  They taste pretty good and are okay right out of the oven.  However, none of them are as good as Cracker Barrel's biscuits. Those are my favorite and I tend to measure all other biscuits against them.

I tried this recipe from Graceful Little Honeybee that called for shortening and I was underwhelmed.  I think I should have made the biscuits a little thicker, but I didn't really love the taste.  They were pretty, but not very soft.

We just got some homemade apple butter, have yummy jelly options
and nothing to put them on.  I bought a tube of store bought biscuits to make as a sad alternative to homemade ones.  So I'm wondering if any of my sweet readers have a great biscuit recipe for me to try???  Pretty please :)


  1. Southern Living has their ultimate biscuit recipe. I actually haven't tried this yet, but their recipes have never steered me wrong.

  2. I struggle with breads too. My mom makes homemade bread like it's her super power...her biscuits and rolls are always to die for. Here's her favorite recipe for angel biscuits that we all love (at the end of the post):

    I haven't tried that recipe personally because I refuse to attempt anything with yeast. :) The only bread recipe I can make with success is this one, a cross between a roll and a biscuit. We love them!

    Good luck! :)

  3. I used to be terrible at biscuits too and then a little over a year ago I found a recipe for "easy southern biscuits" on the side of a baking soda box. It is my go to recipe and turns out perfect every time. I wish I had a link to share! Maybe I'll share it on my blog the next time I make them and send you the link. :)

  4. I think I have tried about a million kinds of biscuits but never found a recipe that I stick with and call my go to. If you find a good one, let us know.

  5. Ugh I was so hoping this was a great biscuit recipe. I've tried so many with no luck. They are really pretty though!


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