Thursday, August 6, 2015


I'm a perfectionist and do my best to avoid any embarrassing situations.  I'm usually pretty good at it, but I still have my share of red faced moments.  So I thought I'd share some of my most embarrassing moments in chronological order in case you needed a good laugh today :)

// 1 //
I had to take swimming in high school and got the worst luck with 2nd period swimming.  I'd wake up early to get ready, do my hair and then jump in the pool an hour later.  Silly high school days.  Anyways, we were in coed swimming classes and I wasn't really looking forward to swimming.  I had lessons for plenty of years and was a fine swimmer, but no one would be recruiting me for the swim team any time soon.  We were practicing the breast stroke one day and doing laps.  We wrapped up our practice, sat at the edge of the pool and the teacher said he'd noticed a really great example of the breast stroke.  He wanted everyone to see this stellar stroke so he proceeded to call on ME to demonstrate the stroke!!  I assured him that he was mistaken and I wasn't the model breast stroker.  He couldn't be convinced he was wrong and had me demonstrate my stroke for the entire class.  So I got in the pool, did my best breast stroke attempt to the other side of the book and the teacher said, "I guess you were right.  That wasn't a great breast stroke." #iwantedtodieinthepool

// 2 //
I've always known I wanted to be a teacher.  I declared my major right away and got busy taking classes.  I saw that I'd have to take a music class or two and was kind of panicked.  I have zero musical ability - have trouble clapping a beat, can't read music and can't carry a tune to save my life.  I even took piano lessons with no improvement in my skills.  So I sign up for a music teaching class and am horrified to see on the syllabus that we have to present a song to the class, teach them how to sing it and pretend like we are the real music teacher.  I seriously considered dropping the class for fear of being mortified, but I opted not to.  My teacher was very kind, nice and encouraging and hardly seemed to notice that I was terrible at music.  She graded on effort not on singing abilities.  The day came to teach my song to the class... Rainbow Connection.  I had a Kermit the frog stuffed animal, visual aides and my horrible voice.  I let the entire class in song, sweated like crazy and wanted to disappear after my lesson.  I got an A, but I have no doubt that it was a sympathy A.  We all knew it was terrible and I sincerely hope I never, ever have to sing in front of a crowd ever again in my whole life.  I still break into a sweat just reliving this story... #horrible

// 3 //
My first year of teaching was in Utah.  My school had no air conditioning, was 50+ years old and I was a newbie at everything.  I worked my tail off to get my classroom set up, to read all of my manuals and to follow the rules.  I tried so hard and really loved my job.  I was teaching a great math lesson one afternoon when my principal burst into my room.  She yelled, "IS EVERYTHING OKAY IN HERE?!?!"  I timidly said yes and asked her if there was a problem?  She said the entire school had just evacuated for a fire drill and my class went missing.  My face turned bright red and I assured her that we hadn't heard the alarm.  Turns out the alarm wasn't working in my hall and it wasn't really my fault.  The entire school had to stand out in the sun while they searched for my class.  I laid low for a bit after that and you better believe I never missed another fire drill.

// 4 //
When Kevin graduated with his PhD, my inlaws joined us for a trip out west to go to graduation.  We planned an extended stay so that we could head up to Wyoming for a few days.  They'd never been and we were eager to take them to one of our most favorite spots - Jackson Hole.  We were winding through the mountains of Wyoming and were on the lookout for wildlife.  We saw deer, large birds and a porcupine.  It was crazy to see a porcupine in real life!!  We were on the hunt for a moose.  Kevin and I had seen them before, but my in laws had not.  It was getting close to dusk and we all had our eyes peeled because A. no one wants to hit a moose and B. we wanted to see one in the wild.  Someone spots one off to the side of the road.  We pull off and get excited because it was HUGE.  We start snapping pictures, can't believe our luck and are so happy to see this moose.  We take tons of pictures and then I noticed he hasn't moved much.  I mention this, but no one pays attention.  I bring it up again and we all DIE laughing.  We realized we have pulled into someone's driveway and have been talking about/photographing their concrete moose yard ornament!!  We rush back to the car to get the heck out of dodge and are sure that we've just been caught on camera doing something really dumb.  These people probably got a big laugh out of our supposed moose sighting.

What's something that was really embarrassing for you??
Please share and make me feel better for telling you all these stories.


  1. I still have nightmares about that music class. I taught some dance moves to I've Got Rhythm:). Luckily after that my audience was only first graders who thought my terrible voice was great!

  2. Ohhh, high school swimming. That was even worse than having to run a mile.

  3. These were all hilarious but your moose story had me ROLLING. That one wins the day for sure. So so so funny!

  4. I hate swimming with a passion so I feel you girl, I have my own technique for swimming and it isn't the correct techniques.
    I have been sat here giggling to myself about the moose story! It reminds me of something I would do ha!

  5. Baha ha! Oh my goodness the were hilarious. I can't even imagine how many embarrassing stories could begin with "I had co-ed swimming in HS" eeekkk!!!

  6. If I shared all my embarassing moments there wouldn't be enough room here. Just know you are not alone. We all have the moments that make our faces turn red and make us feel foolish. Love your courage in sharing. Enjoyed this.

  7. Loved reading these today! They gave me a good chuckle - especially the fire drill one!:)

  8. Whitney you gave me a good giggle about the moose..Especially since it had everyone fooled...Glad to see you blogging again...You do such a great job....Love ya....


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