Monday, August 10, 2015

Saying YES

I'm working hard to say YES these days.

YES to the fun, unexpected things that come my way.
YES to the messy, the lengthy and the uncertain activities.
It's often easier to say NO - too busy, too rushed, too much to do.
 But, I'm certain that my family will remember the times I was spontaneous and said YES versus the times I said no and had a really efficient/productive day.

I don't think I'll ever be a serious contender for the title "The Fun Parent" because Kevin is way sillier, louder and usually more FUN parent.  So I'm happy with my status as the Sometimes Fun Parent :)

That time I said YES:
We did some grocery shopping late one evening and there was a tiny Olive sized grocery cart waiting at the entrance of the store.  I don't usually pay much attention to them and hurry through the store to check things off my list.  Olive noticed the tiny cart right away.  She reached for it and I decided to say YES to her request.  She was thrilled.  We just had a few grocery items to get so I helped her navigate her cart through the store.  

She was squealing with delight and kept grabbing things to throw into the cart.  I'd point to an item we needed and she would grab it for the cart.  We made a few extra laps around the store because she was having so much fun.  She was in heaven and it made me happy to see her so happy.  She had a blast pushing her little cart through the store and had a total meltdown when it was time to leave the cart behind.  I'm still glad I said YES to her.  The memories we made were worth it.  The things I'll remember from this experience will be her joy in the store, the fun we had together and not her fit in the parking lot.  Saying YES was worth it as it often is.

I'm going to try to say YES to:
Olive when she asks for a few extra books at story time
Kevin when he asks to get take out even when we have food at home
Olive when she wants to stay outside and play a little longer
 Kevin when he suggests a spontaneous picnic lunch
Olive when she asks for another cookie
Kevin when he wants to try a new restaurant or go someplace new
Olive when she wants to linger a little longer in the bathtub
Kevin when he wants to make some spur of the moment weekend plans
Olive when she wants to stop at the park during our walk
Kevin when he wants to have a coffee date

What fun thing could you say YES to this week?


  1. This is a hard one for me! I plan out my day and really expect it to go the way I planned. :) Just like you, my hubby is the fun, spontaneous one. I'm sure he'd appreciate a few more yes's from me!

  2. We had little grocery carts at our local store, so it was always fun to push them around. A memory she will remember for a long time. It's hard to say yes to things sometimes; I will have to remember this!

  3. Oh my goodness! These pictures are so sweet. I love this reminder. It is something I'm trying to work on too. Every once in awhile my son will bring me a book or toy while I'm busy doing dishes or chores. I have been trying to make a point to sit down and read or play with him even if the chores aren't done.

  4. Love this post! I just had one of these moments today when they wanted to eat lunch outside.... I really should say yes more than I say no. Especially seeing my no is so often without a good reason.

  5. Olive's pattern mixing is on point!!!

  6. Olive is a better dresser than I am. I am working on saying yes a lot more too. There are so many nos around here that I do want to say yes more often.


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