Wednesday, February 28, 2024

February Coffee Chat

Hey friends!  We have lots to chat about today.  They were calling for big storms to roll through the Midwest last night so I hope you're all safe and sound this morning.  The last time we had big storms at night, my kids slept through everything while Kevin and I (and the cats!) kept on eye on everything.

I love that these coffee chat posts are my most read and most commented posts each month!  I love chatting with you about all the random things that are on my mind!

Grab your coffee and let's get started!

1. What clothes or accessories are on your radar for Spring?  I'm hoping to find some boyfriend type jeans for myself and for Olive.  Thoughts and prayers for any tween jean shopping endeavors.  New swim suits for the kids who grow like crazy from season to season.  And then I have a hard time saying no to spring florals - cardigans, dresses and blouses.  I'd love to find a quirky mixed pattern fabric blouse somehwere that's less than the $120 Anthro one that I have been swooning over.  Oh and I need a fresh pair of Birkenstocks for warm weather.

2. We are currently watching and loving - Chicago Fire, Only Murders in the Building and Abbott Elementary.  We love them all.  It's hard to get out for a date night so we really love watching shows together in the evenings with a fun treat.  Have you watched the whole Chicago series??  We have only watched Chicago Fire.  I'm worried to watch any others because could they really be as good as Chicago Fire?  I'm skeptical.

3. We're gearing up for birthday sesason at our house.  We've got kids with March, April and May birthdays so it's lots of fun and work to make their birthdays magical.  The kids are excited to start thinking about parties, decorations, menus and gift ideas.

4. What are you putting in your kid's Easter baskets this year?  We are going to be out of town for Easter.  It's a busy week - Spring Break, Fletcher's birthday and Easter so I'm planning ahead to make Easter special when we're out of town.  Stay tuned for an Easter basket round up.  I always go for a mix of practical and fun + Easter candy.

5. Do you have an outdoor couch set that you love?  Bonus points if it's very low maintenance, can handle full sun, maybe no cushions and isn't a million dollars.  My patio thanks you!

6. I've been painting my nails more lately and really enjoying having pretty nails.  Olive and June polish + top coat are my favorite combo.  It isn't perfect, but I find it to be more long lasting than anything else.  It is amazing for pedicures and pretty fabulous for manicures.  Do you have a polish combo that you swear by?

7. I don't love decorating for the holidays like I used to.  I have paired down my decorations and still have a couple of Spring bins missing from our move.  Don't ask me how decor bins could be lost durnig a 2 hour move, but somehow I have about 3-4 holiday bins that are MIA.  I'm hoping they're in our garage storage and not lost forever.  Anyways, I love to decorate my mantel, my front porch, have holiday napkins and a holiday table, plan holiday food and share holiday treats.  But gone are the days of decorating many rooms or many surfaces for holidays throughout the year.

8. Kevin surprised me with a new computer!  It's so fast and nice.  I just need to spend some time transferring over important things and writing down all my logged in information.  He surprised me with setting it up one evening while I was gone and wasn't able to mentally prepare for my computer to be gone.  All you Type As and planners get it.  Change isn't easy, even when it's a good thing!  I'm sure I will be up and running with my new computer in no time.  I will say - it is nice to have a fully functioning keyboard with the letter H key intact!

9. We have two upcoming house projects that need to be taken care of and I'm kind of dreading it.  It's two things that our builder was supposed to fix long ago and is now being forced to address.  Both need to happen, but I hate conflict and hate awkward situations.  Wish us luck!

10. If you need a good, drug store waterproof mascara, I've got the perfect one for you.  It does not budge.  No fall out.  No running.  It wears really well and my Wal-Mart carries it for anywhere from $2.98-8.98.  I love adding it to my grocery pick up order.  When I see it listed for $2.98, I stock up!!  It's only $3.28 on Amazon right now with almost 9k reviews!  You've got to try it if you like to wear or need to wear waterproof mascara.  

Wet N Wild Waterproof Mascara

What's new with you??  Let's chat in the comments!


  1. Love a coffee chat! Spring is always the time of year when I buy the most clothing. I’m not sure if that’s because I am a spring color season or if I am just ready for fun warm weather clothing. I haven’t found anything good at Old Navy yet this spring however, but target has had some cute stuff! Sadly, no outdoor seating recommendations for me. I cannot BELIEVE how expensive those are. I hope you find one! My inclination would be to check marketplace. It’s so interesting that you say you don’t decorate much for holidays. I don’t either! I just assumed it was because my kids were older, but I just don’t feel pressure or excitement that I used to. And I told myself that that is OK! I might come back around eventually. Thanks for the mascara recommendation! I use L’Oreal, but I’m always open to trying something new !

  2. I love trying new mascaras, so I'll give that one a try. I was watching a midlife beauty video and she said the best thing you can do is wear a waterproof mascara to prevent smudging etc. As we age, the smudging/fallout gets worse and worse so I definitely need to do this! I am the same way with decorating! Now that it is just the two of us, I keep things pretty minimal. We have an outdoor set from Sam's, and I've also seen good ones from Walmart. Ours has lasted for 7+ years. The cushions look a little old, but I just buy new throw pillows every few years to freshen it up. I posted about my "spring wardrobe refresh" today. :)

  3. I love this!! I am starting to get the same way with decorating. I bought my Easter bin in from the storage shed and it's still sitting in my dining room! UGH!

  4. Ok. We are obsessed with ALL the Chicago shows!!! Chicago PD will increase your heart rate- I get SO nervous watching it- but it's so good! And we love Chicago Med too! Have you ever watched Blue Bloods? It is SO SO good! I want to paint my nails more! I even ordered a nail dryer from Amazon. I painted them once, a couple of my nails chipped 2 days later and I have yet to paint them again. I LOVE painted nails and I love Olive & June's color selection! Outside of Christmas, my seasonal/holiday decor is very low key. Just enough to feel festive- but not overwhelming. YAY for a new computer!!! I am sure it's taking some getting used to- but for as much as you do on the computer- you NEED a GOOD up to date, working computer. Go Kevin!! Love your coffee chats friend!!

  5. Seche Vite is a total game changer for a mani at home. Apply on top of wet polish and it instantly dries and makes it super shiny.

  6. Type-A here totally relating to the apprehension of switching to a new computer! A couple of years ago I got a new laptop and it sat in the box on my counter for A YEAR! My kids' friends even commented, dying that it was "wasting" away! But I need a full uninterrupted week to complete the file transfer and get it up and running. In reality, it only took a few hours. But mentally, transferring to new tech is totally overwhelming--not the tech itself, but the fear of not having my system working!


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