Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday Favorites

Happy December, Friends!  The holiday season is flying and the days are busy here.  I hope your week was a good one.  I've got lots of fun things to tell you about today.

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Favorite moments of the week:

1. Field Trip Chaperone

I won the 2nd grade field trip chaperone lottery and got to go with Fletcher's Class to the Evansville Museum of Art and History.  Fletcher really wanted me to come so that was fun!  We had the best time together learning about fossils (his favorite!), watching a 3D movies about dinosaurs and touring the museum with his class.  He insisted on wearing his fossil shirt and holding my hand in the museum.  He was eager to ask all the questions and participate so much.  It was fun to see second grader Fletcher especially since I used to teach 2nd grade.  2nd graders are the sweetest!  I'm thankful Kevin could rearrange his morning to hang with Leo so I could go.

2. Elf on the Shelf
Our elves make their debut today!!  I can't wait to share more elf details, but here are a few favorites today.  I'm so excited for these tiny rubber ducks.  They are hard plastic and our elves are going to hide all 100 of them throughout the house.  My big kids are going to love them!  I also grabbed some festive Stanley straw toppers and these Christmas capsules.  I'll link anything I can for my elf plans for you!

3. 10 years ago...
My Facebook memories from 10 years ago are tugging at my heart strings this week!  Look at tiny baby Olive celebrating her first Thanksgiving.  And cheering for Notre Dame in her shamrocks.  We lived in Arkansas and I was so excited to celebrate all those first holidays with her.  She's 10 now.  Time flies!

4. Little Joys
Leo's favorite thing is getting to control his own window and feel the wind on his hands.  I love seeing his tiny hand in my mirror.

5. Live TV
Kevin got a really cool work opportunity this week to do a live interview to showcase his new PsyD program and mental health and wellness clinic at UE.  He did an outstanding job promoting all the great things his university is doing for mental health care and got invited to come back.  The kids loved watching him on TV!  He was a natural and looked so handsome.  I love putting together outfits with him!  He'd want you to know that he picked out the jacket and I helped make sure everything else matched.

We popped by his office to give him some words of encouragement during the day.  Leo keeps cars in his office and all the kids fight over his window seats.

6. Olive turned 10 1/2!
I always do something simple and sweet for the kids on their half birthdays.  I make or buy their favorite treat, add a candle and we sing to them.  It's an easy way to make the kids feel special.  I got Donut Bank donuts and she was thrilled.

7. Market Day
Olive had 5th grade market day again this week.  She wanted Christmas cookie play-doh and Christmas wreaths.  We made both and had a great time planning out all the details of mix ins and packaging.  She's hoping they sell well to her classmates!

Update: Olive completely sold out of all of her Christmas play-doh and bracelets!  She was beaming after school and was so proud that she made a product that so many kids loved.

8. Biking Buddies
Fletcher's favorite thing in the world is to go on bike rides.  He's always asking for someone to go on a bike ride with him and I try to say YES as much as possible.  He loves to check on the new builds, say hi to neighbors and look for creatures.

9. Wasabi
Evansville/Southern Indiana friends, I've got a new restaurant for you!  We ordered Wasabi to go for my birthday and it was DELICIOUS.  Chicken Yakisoba, Steak with noodles, rice and veggies and sushi for Kevin.  He said the sushi was amazing and we all licked our plates.  The portions are generous.  We had enough for a second meal which was nice because it was a little pricey.

10. Christmas Spirit
We love seeing all the holiday cheer this time of year.  This house along with several others nearby fill their yards up completely with inflatables.  It's wild!

11. Toddlers
This smile is my favorite.  The toothpaste coated eye brows and tooth brush water feature are not.  Never a dull moment with toddlers.

12. Storytime
We look forward to story time every week.  It's the best, free learning opportunity for toddlers.  It's also the perfect spot to meet up with friends.  Leo loved the ribbon wands and doing all the activities the librarian plans for the kids each week.

13. Lavender Christmas Tree
My SIL gave me this darling lavender tree for my birthday and it's so cute!  It's from Meijer and would be the perfect hostess gift or friend gift this Christmas season.  I have mine by my kitchen sink.  It smells amazing and is one of my favorite things this season.

Happy Friday!  I hope you have some fun plans with your favorite people this weekend.  I'll see you back here on Monday with some Amazon must haves and other fun Christmas content.

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  1. What a beautiful week! Huge congratulations to Kevin!!! Wow!

    You look so pretty in those pics with F at the field trip, Whitney! Toothpaste eyebrows! Haha!

  2. The toothpaste in Leo's eyebrows reminded me of how exhausting some motherhood moments can be, and his hand out the window pic reminded me of how simple the most beautiful motherhood moments can be. Sometimes I found myself saying "no" to things like having the windows open while driving because I didn't want the extra noise and air blowing and temp change, and it probably gave me a feeling of control to say no--especially when there are so many "toothpaste" incidences. But I remember once little Nick wanted all the windows open and the sunroof driving on a freezing wintry day. I said yes, and he was so thrilled. He requested all the windows open often, andI kept saying yes. By the next season he didn't ask anymore, but I'm so happy I said yes while it lasted!


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