Friday, December 15, 2023

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've had a nice week.  It felt like a long week here.  We squeezed in lots of Christmas fun and the kids are wrapping up their last day of school before the holidays today.

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Now onto my favorite moments of the week:

1. Santa!

We took the boys to see Santa at the mall last night and they loved it.  Kevin booked our appointment online and we walked right in.  Both boys talked about their favorite things and assured Santa they have been mostly good this year.  Santa was sweet and told them he'd been making sure they were on the nice list and listening to their parents.  Leo told Santa he liked cars, trucks, shovels and snowmen.  Fletcher said fossils, shovels and science stuff.  We weren't sure what Leo would think of Santa, but he did great.  Olive asked to pass on the Santa visit this year.  She was a super supportive sister waiting in the wings :)

2. Double Pierced

Olive has been asking to get her ears double pierced for a couple of years now so we surprised her with that while we were at the mall visiting Santa.  Everything worked out - empty Icing store, super helpful piercing lady, mom and dad agreed and she was ready.  She can't stop smiling over her newest accessory!

3. Festive Food

I made festive lunches for the kids this week!  Just one time - but they all loved their Christmas lunches!

4. Teacher Gifts
The kids delivered teacher gifts to about 12 or so teachers at school.  I included a family card with a note, a little assortment of kitchen towels, napkins, notepads, fuzzy socks, ornaments and cookies.  They loved delivering gifts and I loved this gorgeous tree ribbon that I found at Sams!

5. Student of the Week
Fletcher has been waiting for this week since the start of 2nd grade!  He couldn't wait to be the student of the week.  He gets all kinds of special privileges and perks.

6. Sunset Bike Rides
The boys have been asking me to take them on sunset bike rides.  It's been so much fun to bundle up and go.  Fletcher and I do the whole neighborhood and then we pick up Leo to do the flatter side of the neighborhood.  Bundle up and take that bike ride!

7. Leo Art
Mom - I made you a T-Rex out of play-doh.  Up until now, most of Leo's 3 year old creations look like blobs, but I could totally see his T-Rex vision here.  All that play-doh time must be paying off.

8. Errands!
Leo and I ran all the errands together this week to get ready for Christmas break.  He's a really good helper and errands with him aren't so stressful anymore.  He helps me put everything up on the checkout belt and then he buckles himself up in the car seat while I load.  He's growing up so fast!

9. Gingerbread houses are under attack
I caught Leo snacking on our gingerbread houses several times this week.  It'll be impressive if they have any candy left on them by Christmas.

10. Baking with Olive
I helped Olive make some play-doh cookies to sell at school.  We've done this several times now and have a good system going.  The play-doh looks almost good enough to eat!

11. Elf Kisses
Our silly elves are having a lot of fun!  The kids thought their elf kiss costumes were funny.

12. Penny & Pearl
I love when I find these pretty sisters snuggling together.  Calicos are my favorite.  They're dilute calicos.  I wish everyone could get to experience having pets that are siblings.  They have totally different personalities and love each other lots.

13. Lots of Baking
I did a lot of baking and prepping to bake this week.  Leo was happy to taste test for me.

14. Birthday party
Fletcher went to a friend's birthday party and had a blast at The Zone.  Their trampolines are extra bouncy and he'd love to go back.

15. December Rainbow
This pretty rainbow popped up in our backyard this week.  It was cold and stormy and then the sun came out and surprised us all.  I don't think I've ever seen a December rainbow before.

16. Time Hop
All the Christmas baby pictures of my kids make me feel so sentimental!  It seems like just yesterday, but really it was 2016.  Fletcher has always been a sweet and smiley guy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We have some fun things in the works and will see you back here on Monday!

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  1. What a lovely week! Congratulations to Fletcher for student of the week! And love Olive’s ear piercing experience! Those Play-Doh cookies look absolutely incredible and such a creative idea! Thanks for sharing your week with us, and have a great weekend :)

  2. Would love to see a post about your holiday baking!! Maybe your must-haves for cookie types, tips and tricks, etc! Here we love homemade chex mix, gingerbread bars, sugar cookie cutouts, buckeyes, biscotti, and snowballs!

  3. And Olive looks so grown-up!! I have my ears double pierced from college-age but I didn't know the little girls were getting into that as a fashion now too!

  4. Your Fletcher sounds like my Jack...we always called him "Smilin' Jack." How fun that Olive got double piercings. She is certainly brave! I love that ribbon from Sam's. Great find. Hope you have a festive weekend.

  5. I laughed out loud at the picture of Leo snacking on the gingerbread house! I can't say that I blame him, that would be tempting! Ha!


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