Monday, December 4, 2023

10 Tips for a Low Stress Christmas Season

Are you feeling stressed about all of your holiday to dos?  

Or have you planned ahead and feel ready for all the Christmas fun?  

Or both?  

I'm both.  I've planned ahead, shopped ahead, made lots of lists and have a good game plan for December.  I'm excited to share some great tips with you to ease your holiday stress.

1. Hot Glue Your Gingerbread Houses!!

I have heard this hack for a few years and I had to give it a try this year.  It was so easy and worked so well.  It 100% lived up to the hype and you must try it.  We do gingerbread houses every year and this is the only way we will assemble them from now on.  I did the gluing and Kevin did the building.  We were both so pleased with this new discovery.

2. Stock Up on Canned Cinnamon Rolls that Unroll
My kids love these more than homemade cinnamon rolls.  Aldi has delicious cinnamon rolls and my kids really enjoyed these giant Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  There are 5 in a can and we unrolled them to make Christmas trees.  Added a few sprinkles once they were iced and my crew loved them.  It's a super affordable, easy holiday breakfast.  We eat these for breakfast on the weekends or add them to the menu for breakfast for dinner.

3. Grocery Pick Up Often
Do your shopping from the comfort of your computer or phone and pick it up.  It'll save you so much stress avoiding those lines and navigating stores full of people.  Toss in some holiday food items to your order to make fun treats for your family and save yourself the stress of dealing with crowds.  I added holiday cereal, gingerbread houses, candy for St Nick's Day and candy canes to my Walmart Pick Up orders.  I also try to do my pick ups and errands during the week if I can this time of year.

These were just under $10 each and great quality at Walmart.

4. Eat the Rainbow
Your whole family will feel better and stay healthier if you are eating healthy meals at a very sweet time of year.  My kids get colorful lunches, snacks and dinners.  And we are having big side salads packed with veggies for dinner this week.

5. Buy Your Party Supplies Early
If you get invited to an ornament exchange or a favorite things party, don't want until the last minute to buy your items.  You'll save money and be less stressed if you gather your party supplies early.  I'm going to a Christmas brunch and an ornament exchange this week.  I grabbed this darling ornament for my gift at Walmart weeks ago.  Would you believe it was just $1.98!?  I'm going to swap out the silver string for some Christmas ribbon and call it done.  Now I can enjoy my week a little more knowing I won't have to rush around to find the perfect ornament this week.

6. HomeGoods / TJMaxx / Marshalls
Shop any of these stores for the cutest, affordable holiday goodies.  They are way more expensive online than you'll find them in stores here.  I grabbed these sweet mini cookie cutters for $4.99.  They are Meri Meri brand which always has the cutest things.  I think they'll be an elf gift and maybe I'll use them for snack boards or lunches or cookies.  I've gotten towels, pillows, napkins, note pads, fuzzy socks and more for teacher gifts here this season.

7. Free or Hand Me Downs
If your family or friends are purging things this season, say YES if it's something you want or need!  My mom and sister have both been decluttering and I found things that would be perfect for my house.  My sister had these cute little wreaths.  3 of them which were perfect for my 3 exterior lights.  I added ribbon and was so excited for my free find.  Thanks, Sis!
Tip: Pass on your holiday clothes, pjs or toys to friends with kids younger than yours!  I'm dropping off Christmas pjs that Leo outgrew to a friend this week.

8. Glance at Your Inbox Coupons
I know that your inboxes have been flooded with sales and coupons since probably October, but there are some good deals to be had if you need to be shopping.  For example, Nothing Bundt Cakes send me a birthday coupon for a free bundtlet.  When I picked it up I got a receipt for a survey for a free BOGO bundlet.  I cashed that in and got another survey/BOGO bundtlet coupon.  They are the perfect treat to share with a friend or add a bow and give it as a Christmas gift.  They're $5.50 and when they're BOGO, it's a really great deal for an amazing treat.

9. Keep returns in your car
I keep returns in my passenger seat so that I can take care of them ASAP when I'm out and about.  I unexpectedly ended up at Meijer yesterday and remembered that I had a $15 return to do.  I ran my errand and took care of my return all because it was already in my van waiting for me.

10. Make lists
Write out everyone you need to buy a gift for and then write in the gift info as you shop.
Make menus.
Keep notes on your phone.
Make Amazon wish lists for yourself or have your kids make them.
Text or email gift ideas when someone requests them.
Then update your calendar all month long so you won't forget the special school days, events and important Christmas celebrations for your family.

What tips are saving your sanity this Christmas season?


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