Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Closet Makeover

My Dad has been busy giving our downstairs closets a makeover!  He did completely custom closets in our last house so this was familiar territory for him.  Thankfully, we just needed an upgrade and not a complete makeover this time.

We have really nice closets and tall ceilings in our house, but they all needed more shelves to maximize our storage.  I wanted to be able to move more off the floor.  I asked my Dad to put adding a top shelf in our pantry to his to do list and then he said there were probably other closets that needed more shelves.  He was right.  He ended up adding another row of shelves in 3 different closets - our walk in pantry, our snack pantry and our primary walk in closet.

I did some initial measuring that he later confirmed.  He shopped for the supplies and prepped as much as possible as he could at home.  He used leftover trim paint from the board and batten trim project he did for us earlier this year.  Then he spent 3 almost full days working at our house.  He said the install portion took longer than he expected with all the measuring, cutting, fitting, sanding, caulking and painting.  Whew!  We supplied him with snacks, take out lunches and cookies.  I'm guessing he's glad to have this behind him and is hoping that our project list will be smaller in 2024 :)

Leo loved to be right by his side when he was working.  That was mostly cute.

Walk-in pantry BEFORE.  Amazing storage.  But it was messy and cluttered.

Leo carried barstools all around the house to make sure he was close to the action.

Work in progress.
I should have cleared off the top shelf, but I didn't realize his first work day was a morning I'd be gone.  So if you're having a similar project done at your house - clear as much out of the way as possible.  See how the shelves are crowded and I didn't love all the stuff on the floor.

Primary closet work in progress.

Walk-In Pantry AFTER!
Things are more spread out and up off the floor!  My next project is collecting more baskets and white containers to make the storage a little prettier.

Primary Closet BEFORE:
Amazing closet, but room for lots more storage up top.

Primary Closet AFTER!
We used the top shelf and then had a good 3-4 feet of blank space.  These shelves make the space make much more sense.  It looks like it should have always been that way.  Now we have more storage that is much sturdier than the builder grade shelf below.  I love the triangle brackets.  We are lucky to have a very large closet so four different sections ended up with new shelves.  I'm excited to find the best storage containers for the shelves and rearrange things a bit after the holidays.

I love this little nook.  It definitely needed a top shelf.  You know a project is a good one when it looks like it had always been that way.  Great work, Dad!

Now comes the fun part - thrifting pretty baskets, finding great clear storage containers and styling the shelves!  I'm so excited to have this big project done!  And I'm really excited that my Dad did way more than I originally asked.  He's generous like that.

Do you have any closet questions for me?


  1. Wow good job to him! I’m so impressed!

  2. He did an amazing job, that looks like it was a lot of work! From someone who has not been blessed with having their father in their life, don't ever take him for granted! He is a wonderful Dad!

  3. Your dad is really an amazing handyman! You will love all that storage. Our pantry is a lot smaller in this house, and I really need to work on organizing it to fit the space we have!

  4. Can your dad adopt me?

  5. Do y'all have At Home in your area? They have a great selection of baskets. You can find a lot of different sizes and colors to maximize basket coordination.


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