Monday, December 11, 2023

Mom, Is Santa Real?

Mom, Is Santa real?

My heart sank a bit this year because I realized that Olive wanted the real answer.

I put on a brave face because I knew this day was coming.

I was also a tiny bit sad on the inside.

And I was excited because I want her to come to me when she has questions.

It's okay to feel all the feelings.

For reference, Olive is our oldest so we are learning right along with her.  She's been asking me this Santa question for the past few years, but was always content to hear things like "If you don't believe, you don't receive." or Do YOU think Santa is real?  She would usually answer yes with a little smirk.  We also had some unfortunate kid encounters where kids would tell my kids that they didn't believe in Santa and that he wasn't real.  We just blew it off with a discussion or two about how it's sad to not believe in Christmas magic.  We obviously believe and promote the story of Jesus's birth for the true meaning of Christmas.  But believing in Santa is FUN.


Now that she's ten she wanted to know the truth and was ready to hear it.  She asked and I answered honestly.  A few of you have messaged me about this topic so I figured I'd share what worked for us.

Olive: Mom, Is Santa real?

Mom: We are all Santas.  We all work together to make Christmas magical for everyone around us.  The mall Santas, the parents, the grandparents, the adults, etc.  We listen to Santa wish lists, requests and Christmas hopes and then we work together to make Christmas magical at our own houses.  It's one of the best things about being a parent.  You get to make the holidays magical for the people you love.  It's so much fun!

Now that you know the truth, you get to help us spread the Christmas magic.  You get to help promote Santa and Christmas magic with all the little kids you encounter.

I need you to help listen to your brothers.  If they tell you a Christmas wish - share it with me.  If they ask you about Santa - tell them you believe in Santa because for many years you did.  Help us with our elf on the shelf projects.  I'd love for you to be on our Christmas magic team!  That means we go out of our way to make people feel included and special especially during the Christmas season.  The holidays are hard for a lot of people.  Let's think about people we can take care of this Christmas.  Continue the Christmas magic with the little kids (especially with your brothers) and one day we can let them in on the truth about Christmas.

Do you have any questions?

She proceeded to ask me about all the holidays - Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, etc.  I told her the truth and it confirmed what she already suspecting.  She asked for ways she could help me at Christmas time and we came up with a plan.  She told me what traditions she still wants to participate in and what traditions she feels too grown up for now.  I agreed and we are both excited for Christmas.

We hugged and she went to bed with a smile on her face.

I hope this encourages you and gives you some ideas for Santa conversations at your house!  


  1. Thank goodness she believed for as long as she did! What a good explanation you gave. I don't think I ever had a "talk" with the kids about this. They just figured it out, but we never discussed it. When they were little, they had one big gift unwrapped gift under the tree from Santa. We eventually stopped that tradition, and all the gifts are from Mom and Dad. We still do stockings though and leave cookies for "Santa." Obviously they know, but it's fun to keep the tradition going. And our elf now just sits on the mantle with the stockings! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Great answer, Whitney! That can be a hard one to answer but yours was perfect! It’s always a little sad when that day comes, but it sounds like she’s ready to help keep the magic alive for her little bros :)


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