Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Christmas House Tour

It's time for a Christmas house tour!  This will be our second Christmas in our house and the first year that everything feels just right.  It's our 7th house to decorate for Christmas.  And that is a fact that newlywed Whitney never would have been able to comprehend.  God's plan for our lives has been very different and very wonderful that I imagined back in 2004.  

We have trees in all the right spots.  I'm so happy with how everything turned out.  I love traditional red and green anytime I can use it and the kids are in charge of the trees in their rooms.

Let's get started!

Remember when I said the first thing we needed to change when we bought the house was the red front door??  Well, 2 years later - it's grown on me and it suits the white and black exterior.  I love the candy cane vibe at Christmas time.  I have also figured out the wreaths and decor that works best on a red door.  So it's staying.

Just a few decorations in the kitchen.

Our room has a travel tree in it!  We have been collecting ornaments from all the places we've traveled for the last 20 years.  It's one of my favorite trees and collections.

Our entryway!  My green tree collections looks so nice with our new trim in the background.

My lemon garland is holding up perfectly and this is my favorite mantle I've done here.

We always get a real tree for the family room.  This is the biggest tree we've ever gotten.  It smells amazing which is a good distraction from the needles it is dropping :)  It's full of our favorite family and kid made ornaments.

A few of our shelves are decked out for Christmas.  Almost all of the painted Santas you see on the tour are from my parents.  My Dad cut them all out and my mom painted them.  They had quite the craft business going when I was younger!  They'd set up at Christmas craft shows and sell all kinds of painted wood decor.

Olive's room.  Her ornaments are so sweet.  She's been collecting ornament since she was a baby.

She added Stitch to her tree this year.

Leo's tree.  Lots of lions!

Fletcher's tree!  He requested his own tree this year.  He's always shared with whomever his roommate was, but this year he wanted his own.  It worked out to be great.  
He got a fishing ornament for his tree this year.

We put the silver tree from the upstairs family room in Fletcher's room and got a new tree for the family room.  I accidentally ordered a colored light tree on a super Black Friday sale and my kids were THRILLED.  They say it's their favorite tree.  I added lots of bows and lots of fun ornaments.  With me having a November birthday - I've collected ornaments for my whole life.  I have some fun ones and plus fun kid ones on this tree.

I got rid of a lot of decor this year and focused mostly on trees!  We each love our trees and I don't have so much stuff sitting around.  It feels like a good style for us.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautiful!!! Love it all! The tree collection in your entry way is drool worthy!

  2. Love the green tree collection. Where is the church from?

  3. LOVED your tour!! Everything looks beautiful and cozy!! I love how many trees you have and that the kids each have their own. Also thought the part about your parents' craft business was so neat!!

  4. I just love all your decor! That is so interesting about your parents and the craft shows. I'm going to be cleaning out my Christmas decor as I put things away this year. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love it all! Your travel tree is my favorite with the striped ribbon tying everything together perfectly. The mantel looks gorgeous, and your green collection in the foyer is also such a beautiful statement. So fun that all three kids have their own tree. I would have been thrilled to have a big tree in my room when I was growing up! Thanks for the tour! <3


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