Wednesday, December 13, 2023

My Elf on the Shelf Tips & Tricks

Do you do Elf on the Shelf?

We have Holly, Jolly & Chris at our house!

This is my 2nd year of doing elf on the shelf for our kids.  The kids asked for elves for years and I always said no.  Then I gave in and we've had a lot of fun with them.  It's something fun that my toddler to preteen all enjoy!  And spoiler alert: I love it, too!

We have some ground rules.  Our elves don't do anything naughty or make trouble or make crazy messes like the ones you see online.  They just hide in spots around our house with Christmas activities.  And when I tell you the toddler to the preteen all wake up excited to find the elves, I am serious.  The kids love these crazy elves.

I do a few things to make my elf mom life easier so keep these in mind for the future if you think you might end up starting the elf tradition with your family or friends.

1. Stock up on elf items all year long.  I found lots of stuff on after Christmas clearance last year.  I grabbed stickers, table cloths, baking supplies, etc for 75% off.  Or I would grab things at Dollar Tree that were super affordable and save them for the elves to use.

2. Set a reoccurring alarm on your phone so that you don't forget to set up your elves.  Mine goes off at 10:00pm every night.

3. Share good ideas with your other elf mom friends.  I've got a Pinterest board for my elves and a few friends that all share easy elf ideas with each other.  It's fun for us!

4. Include the elves in your normal holiday traditions.  Buy Christmas shirts and have the elves deliver them.  Pick up Christmas baking supplies and include the elves.  Buy Christmas cereal and have your elves prep it for breakfast.

5. Make the tradition work for your family.  I don't love typing out messages and making signs for our elves.  I just jot down a quick note from the elves and it works.

Let me show you what our elves have been up to since arriving December 1st!

The elves delivered our North Pole Breakfast.  New ornaments for the kids based on favorite things from this year - Stitch, fishing and a tractor.

It's time to decorate this tree!

Papaw's elf work crew ready to work on our closets.

Delivering a new Christmas inflatable.

St Nick's Day elves.

Candy canes & candy cane ornament letters.

Elf babies!  The kids have played with these all week.

Delivering Christmas shirts for the kids.

New toothbrushes with a toilet paper snowman.

Elf sick day.  Will these holiday sponge capsules make us feel better?

Chef Elf lunch packing team.

Our elves are so much fun!

Send me any simple and sweet elf ideas :)

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