Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Roasted Veggies

I have the easiest vegetable recipe to share with you today that will help you make a really easy side for dinner for your family.  It's 3 ingredients and it will be a crowd pleaser.


You just need these ingredients:

Your favorite veggies

olive oil


& parchment paper will make clean up super simple.

I LOVE roasted veggies.  They're so easy and so flavorful.

I also love that you can roast them whenever you have time (on the weekend or midday) and they reheat so well for dinner or meals throughout the week.

I have the best luck with frozen veggies.  Yes, you can roast vegetables straight from the freezer.  No thawing required!  Grab a bag of frozen broccoli or frozen cauliflower.  I always buy the florets and you're set.



Chop, peel or open your veggies.

Spread them out on a parchment lined baking sheet.

The parchment paper isn't essential in the cooking process, but it does make clean up a breeze!  You won't have to scrub your pan at all if you use parchment paper.

Drizzle all the veggies generously with olive oil, stir the veggies a bit to toss them in olive oil and then sprinkle your favorite seasoning(s) on top.  You can just do salt and pepper or you can use your favorite seasoning.  We love Montreal Steak Seasoning and if I can get it Everyday Seasoning Salt from Simply Sons in Terre Haute, IN is SO SO GOOD.

Bake at 425 for 30-40 minutes.  Feel free to stir half way through to get good color on all sides.



I always peel and rinse sweet potatoes.

I just chop and rinse regular potatoes.

My broccoli and cauliflower is always roasted from frozen.

Onions and peppers do great, but don't need to roast as long as other veggies.

My kids love roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes and broccoli.  Everything else is just something that the adults love. 

You can also skip all the seasonings and do some fresh squeezed lemon juice on top.  It's tasty especially in the summer time with grilled meats.  

Or a sprinkle of fresh parmesean cheese on top when your sheet pan is fresh out of the oven.


Let me show you some of my yummy vegetable combinations:

Most of us LOVE sweet potatoes.  I love to roast them in bulk.  I serve some with dinner and save the leftovers to add to eggs scrambles or to reheat with lunch.  They're also great in baked egg dishes.


What are your favorite vegetables to roast?  You've got to give this recipe a try!!


  1. These veggies are just so pretty! We mostly do broccoli and potatoes - I need to add more to the rotation!


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