Tuesday, March 8, 2022

5 Ways to Add Reading to Your Daily Routine

This year I'm making a bigger effort to read every day.  I am making some changes to my routines to ensure that I make reading a priority.  It usually means making the choice to pick up a book instead of picking up my phone.  It's a much needed change in my life.  I'm also trying hard to limit the amount of time I'm on my phone when my kids are around.

These simple things have ensured that I am reading more:

1. Always have a book handy - in my bag, on my desk or in my car.  

All those moments of waiting at an appointment or waiting to pick up kids have helped me finish a couple of books already this year.


2. Read while the kids play.

*Bonus if you have a cat on your lap.  Penny loves this set up.

We have gotten into a good routine of screen free chunks of time and I'm trying hard to make it a screen free time for me, too.  I bring a book to the playroom or to the patio and I read while the kids play.  Yes, I get interrupted a million times, but I'm still reading and finishing books.  I also like that the kids are seeing me read and asking me what I'm reading/learning about.


3. Read with the kids

I have a long list of children's literature that I love from my teaching days so I'm slowly introducing the kids to some of my favorite books.  Kevin reads a chapter book with them before bed each night and I'm reading to them after school.  We have finished lots of books this way.  We just read a couple pages or one chapter a day and it's so fun to have ongoing conversations about the books we're reading together.


4. Pick a comfy reading spot

I have a cozy reading spot upstairs and downstairs that are my reading spots.  I also have my big kids pick a favorite listening spot when I read to them.  They grab a pillow and a blanket and love to listen to a good story.  It took a little practice for them to find the perfect spot and to be able to listen to me read, but once you establish the routine, it's a really fun parent moment.

5. Need to do: Get a library card.

We used our library a lot in our previous city so I want to get back into the habit of being regular library patrons.


Kid Books:

1. My Side of the Mountain - Kevin is currently reading

This is a really interesting survival story that Kevin loved when he was little.

He has also read the Ramona Series, Boxcar Children, Hatchet and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

2.The Chocolate Touch by Patick Skene Catling - the kids enjoyed this funny story about a boy who loved chocolate so much that he ended up with chocolatitis.

3. Frindle by Andrew Clements - I am currently reading aloud.  I love this tale of creativity, pushing limits and thinking outside the box. 

My books:

1. Adventuring Together by Greta Eskridge

I LOVED this book!   Greta felt like a friend telling about her experiences as a mom.  She was very relatable and inspiring.  I loved her idea of starting an adventure club and found her book to be very approachable.  She talks of all kinds of travel and adventures.  She mentions international trips, camping, exploring all the cool things near your home and totally understands what it requires to load up your young kids and go.  I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for ways to get outside and connect with your kids.

2. Awaking Wonder by Sally Clarkson

I'm a big Sally Clarkson fan.  I really enjoyed this book.  She shares tons of great ideas for getting your kids excited about learning and in the habit of life long learning.  She talks about modeling it for your kids and setting expectations in your home of conversation, learning and interacting.  It's a great read!

What are you currently reading?

Cheers to more reading in 2022!


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I so agree with you. It takes some practice to get back into the swing of daily reading, but it’s so rewarding. I have a couple books going all the time. One is only on my nightstand, one is on the library Libby app for listening to in the car, and I leave one on my coffee table. It takes a little longer to get through them this way but there is always one waiting for me haha

  2. very timely post!!! My husband and I JUST renewed our library cards (expired in 2020....pandemic anyone?) and are loving the LIBBY app, where we can "check out" audio books and kindle books for our phone.

  3. I love Sally Clarkson, and only wish I had discovered her earlier when my kids were little. Her books and podcast are so good!

  4. Ahhh! Such a great post!!!

    I joined Well Read Mom this year (wellreadmom.com), have been wanting to for a long time and finally asked a few friends from my moms group to join me. We're excited and halfway through our first book. I'm generally a big reader anyway, but I'm enjoying the challenge and accountability of reading books I wouldn't have chosen myself and having a gentle deadline.

    I also am "docking" my phone for Lent...I only keep it on my kitchen counter instead of bringing it from room to room. It's been a great habit to cultivate and I love feeling more present to the kids, or picking up a book instead!

    Would love to hear some of the literature you'd recommend based on your previous teaching career-- maybe a future post?

    I read Sally Clarkson's Dancing With My Father and The Mom Walk earlier this year...not her newest books but very, very good. I own her "Lifegiving" series and love it too.

  5. You know my love of reading! Ella has even started a quiet time!! I also love to read in carpool line!

  6. I too have to be really intentional about putting my phone down and using those minutes in a different way. It's a constant struggle for me! My favorite way to read is using the Audible app while I'm driving. I try to listen to a book on the way to work every morning. I'm almost finished with Love Centered Parenting by Crystal Paine - such an encouraging, helpful book as we prepare to parent!


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