Monday, March 28, 2022

Double Donut Party

Hey friends!!  We're back from Spring Break.  It was a great week off together.  I've got lots of fun things to share with you this week.  Let's start with: birthdays!

We decided to do a double donut party for the boys this year!  They had a blast.  Their birthdays are 8 days apart and Fletcher reminded me that they both love the same things so it worked out perfectly.  We hosted my family over.  It was our first birthday celebrations in the new house and it was fun.  It was also amazing to not have to pack up a party and drive hours to bring the party to our people.  Everyone came to us.  I was really happy for the kids to get to celebrate at home.

This picture makes me so happy - all my favorite people and all my favorite party elements.

The best party favors - edible favors!  Leo loves M&Ms and Fletcher loves gum balls.

I did a 6 and 2 fruit and veggie tray.  They turned out so cute.  We kept the dinner menu really simple - Fletcher requested pizza, bread sticks and donuts.  I added fruits, veggies and a pasta salad.

The big kids helped me with a really fun balloon garland.  They blew up all the balloons and I tied them.  Then I built the garland.  It's such a fun party statement for under $15.  It was gigantic so I did one section here and one section on the mantle.  The trickiest part about doing balloon garlands is hanging them!  I used packing tape to keep mine in place.

Donuts = easiest birthday dessert ever!

Lots of fun presents and lots of family!

Crazy cousin crew!!

We DONUT know what we would do without these two!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I love a good donut :) Beautiful decorations too!

  2. Yay!! How nice to be able to host a party right there at home after all your years of portable parties! Your balloon garland is so fun and makes a great impact, I am definitely keeping that one in mind. Happy birthday to your handsome boys! <3

  3. What a fun party idea! Do you buy a balloon kit or just use individual balloons that you buy? Thx.

  4. Happy birthday to both boys. What a fun way to celebrate!

  5. Love the number trays...where did you find these? I looked a but online but could not find!


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