Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  I hope that you had a great time celebrating a new year over the weekend.  We did!

I picked up NYE supplies at the grocery store and the kids were thrilled.  Headbands, noise makers and sparkle.  Kevin found some confetti poppers for them, too.  They had so much fun playing with that.

We kicked off the day with a sweet Christmas brunch with friends.

We enjoyed 2022 charcuterie all weekend.  The dark chocolate covered cashews and berries were my favorite parts.

This confetti was really easy to clean up and so fun for the kids.  We'd definitely do these confetti poppers again.

The big kids stayed up until 10pm.  I made them Candy Corn (microwave popcorn topped with all of our favorite candies).  We watched Night at the Museum.  It was great!

Aren't these sparkly cookies so pretty!?  I loved making them for a festive NYE treat.

Notre Dame had a big bowl game and lost - boo!  I only saw the first series of the game.  We looked great and scored.  So I'm going to save that memory from a really fun start to the game and pretend that we won :)

Cheers to a new year!


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