Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Moving is Hard

Moving is hard.

We moved into our new house one month ago and I am happy to report that the dust has settled a bit.  Things are feeling homey and we're seeing more smiles all around.

On one of our nightly sunset strolls, Fletcher gathered his siblings and told me to take their picture because he found the perfect spot.  He was right :)

I was surprised at how many emails and comments I got from blog friends that were in similar situations - an upcoming move, relocating, new job prospects and feeling like we were in the same boat!  I'm here for you and I want to be totally real with you. 

It's been a long, crazy, holiday filled last month.  We have never moved in December before (always in July) and I can't say that I totally recommend it.  We made it happen and everything went as smoothly as possible BUT it wasn't easy keeping tabs on packing a house and trying to fill your days with holiday cheer.  But when God tells you it's time to go and then opens every single door for you, you just go.  

Thankfully, boxes are no longer hiding in every single corner, new furniture that was ordered around Black Friday has been arriving and gotten built, and we have a running list of punch list items the builder needs to take care of in the coming weeks.  We are getting closer to one vehicle fitting into our chaotic 3 car garage.  I'm certain that one day we'll be able to park both of our vehicles in there.

The kids are feeling a little more confident in themselves and their new school routines every day.  They are missing the comforts of the home we'd made in Terre Haute.  I don't blame them.  That was a cozy spot for the last 6 years.  I'm learning all the new school systems, programs, expectations and car line rules thanks to a very detailed map.  I'm in close communication with their teachers to ensure they're feeling comfortable in their new school.  Leo is still a wild man the majority of his waking hours.  On the positive side, he hasn't fallen down the steps lately.  That's mostly thanks to our baby gates and a little thanks to him being more cautious.  Kevin is on week 2 of his new job and keeping busy figuring out how things work and how he wants to build the program.

Back to the idea that moving is hard... If we were chatting over coffee, I would tell you:

I'm missing being in charge of important things.  I know that might sound silly, but in Terre Haute I was president of a really great, really active mom's group, my Jordan Bakery Box business was booming, I was room mom for both Olive and Fletcher and I really loved our rhythms and routines.  While I totally know that my family is most important and I'm still doing important things, I miss having those additional responsibilities and opportunities.  They were all such neat challenges for me.

Winter is a lonely time of year anyways, but add in being new to a city, cold temps and covid and it feels a little extra lonely.  I also love to have everything organized and many spaces feel very unsettled right now (I'm looking at you office, garage, craft closet and master bath!!)   Moving forward, I am focusing my attention on unpacking, settling in, coordinating the workers that are coming and going, being a cheerleader for the big kids and cheering for Kevin at his new job and just doing the day to day mom stuff.  I'm also praying that I'll make some great friends, we will find a church home, the kids will feel connected to people at school and we will thrive here!

So if you happen to find yourself in a similar boat as me in 2022, just know that moving is hard, but you can do hard things!!  Big hugs to you.  Please reach out here, on instagram or email anytime to chat.

Our whole family has been repeating that phrase - We can do hard things!  We've all had adjusting to do.  The more we talk about the changes, stresses, highs and lows of our days and the feelings we're feeling, the better we feel about them.  It feels good to know we're not alone.

We're excited about the prospects and opportunities in our new city.  We are eager to keep settling in and making Evansville feel like home.  We have a list of fun things we want to do or to try and are working our way through them.  Wish us luck.  Send us all the happy vibes, prayers and positivity as we make Evansville feel like #homesweetevansville.


  1. First, I really like your blog. Think of the positive things. Close to extended family for starters! Technology is on your side. I was a young mom in the 80's. No cell phone, no texting, no Facebook or Instagram. My mom and mother in law were a long distance call. So much isolation. Finding answers to a rash on a child required looking in a Dr. Spock medical book. I agree, a move in the winter, in the middle of a school year is a challenge in its own. I am glad you still find time to Blog!

  2. Hang in there! I think moving in December would be so hard! I have a friend who moved to England in October, and everything was that much harder because everyone had already made their routines/friends with the new school year. We moved there in the summer, and that made it much easier. You are smart to think about getting things in the house organized and unpacked...that will make everything feel better.


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