Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Canceling Our Screens

I have felt the pull to cancel our screens for the past few months.

As a family, it felt like we were spending too much time on devices.  

Insert a big move that happened really quickly.  I didn't have the energy to pack up our house, make a million decisions, move with 3 young kids and make big changes in our screen habits.  However, now that we are settled, it feels like a better time to edit our screens and cancel some of our screen routines.

The kids have tablets and got a Nintendo Switch to share for Christmas.  We have TVs.  We have DVD player in the car for long trips and Kevin and I have cell phones/tablets/computers.

Obviously we aren't opposed to screens.  I just want to ensure that we are doing a big variety of things and using our brains vs mindlessly scrolling or playing.

I'm not making a huge deal out of this.  Here's my plan: I'm going to slowly introduce new things and new routines so that it doesn't feel like some kind of screen punishment.  As the mom, I know that I have a big influence on the amount of screen time that is allowed at our house.  I think that this will work great.  The kids will be excited about the focus on doing a variety of things.


From here on out, you'll find us doing more:

Art projects

Hands on learning

Playing outside


Visiting new parks

Making new friends

Watching movies together for Family Movie Night vs just watching lots of shows

Reading books

Doing family book clubs together where I read a chapter book out loud to the kids



Running Errands

Playing with family

Playing with toys



Using their screen time for fun learning games

And maybe even finding some new hobbies.


We aren't cancelling screens totally, but my plan is to add in fun things to our regular routine so that all of that seems more enticing that always going to a device or a screen for entertainment.

Wish us luck!!


  1. I love it! There was a toy store where we used to live in Washington state that a couple times a year would have a 30 day screen free challenge and if you completed it they would give you a gift card. I don’t remember how much the gift card was for at this moment, but probably around $25. Enough money to be a good incentive for kids. We always participated and it always felt like such a great reset.

  2. awesome, Whitney!!!!! I am so glad you guys are doing well in your new home! Hope Kevin is enjoying his new job!!!!!!

  3. I think parenting little kids in today's world is so challenging. I didn't have to deal with much tech until the kids were going into junior high. Nowadays it is just EVERYWHERE! It sounds like you have a good, common sense approach with trying to replace it with fun things instead of making it a punishment. Have you read the Tech Wise Family? (https://amzn.to/3nDg6S3) It is so good. It made me rethink how I approach technology. Of course, I didn't implement everything he suggested, but even if you take away 1 or 2 things, it is worthwhile! Now, my issue is more hoping that my kids handle technology in moderation as they become young adults.

  4. This is one of our goals this year too. It's so easy to turn them on as a babysitter for kids. I like them as background noise, but need to enjoy the quiet as well. Those sound like great activities and we hope to cross some off of our list too.


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