Friday, January 28, 2022

Valentine Favorites

I have a really sweet Valentine's Day Favorites post to share with you today!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  I've really enjoyed collecting a few sweet things for my family.  I've sent a couple of Valentine's Day care packages recently and there are just so much cute things to spread the love this time of year.  I'm going to show you my favorites and I'll link anything I can at the bottom of this post.

1 // Squishmallows - My kids are obsessed with these soft, squishy stuffed animals.  Target has these giant 2 Scoops Tie Dye Mouse Shaped Plushes for just $14.99.  It is so cute.  They are much larger than I imagined.  This is probably 18 inches tall and such a great price.  Everything comparable online is much more expensive so head to Target for these cuties.

2 // Cars - Leo is obsessed with cars & anything with wheels so I opted to get him this set of Hot Wheels instead of a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day.  He'll love them.

3 // Valentine's Candy - Scoop up the cute candy now and save it for your valentines.  I grabbed my kid's favorites - PEZ, Tootsie Roll pops, Reese's hearts, Swedish Fish hearts and some valentine M&Ms for baking.  The PEZ and the Tootsie Pops are under $2 each.

3 // Valentine Box - Fletcher has to make his own Valentine box holder this year.  We opted for a cute pinata and will cut a hole in the top to collect the valentines.  Amazon has some great pinata options.  Be sure to check the sizes so you don't end up with a mini one.

4 // Fidget Valentines - Both kids love fidgets and Fletcher picked out these popper fidget key chains on Amazon for his friends.  He is also hoping for some character valentine cards to go with them so I'm on the hunt for them.  We just have to add the key chain onto each popper.  I'll have him help me with that soon so we don't have to mess with it last minute.

5 // Rainbow Puzzle Balls - My kids love them.  I love them and we've gifted a few to friends.  They're great and good for fine motor skills practice for the kids.

6 // Cat Valentines - Target has these crazy cat valentines.  They're super cute and 3rd grader approved.

7 // Mochis - Olive said this assortment of mochis for her classmates made all her dreams come true!  They're so so cute.  Squishy.  And individually wrapped!  Perfect to give out to valentines.  We're going to staple two onto each card that she passes out for friends.  They seem to be really great quality and are even cuter in person.

8 // Valentine Accessories - In case you're looking for some practice Valentine's Day presents, these are a few of our new favorites from Amazon.  We love the Amazon Essentials coats so we tried the vests.  Look at this cute color.  It's warm and light weight.


9 // Knotted Headband Pack - We are also loving this huge pack of solid colored knotted headbands!  They fit kids and adults.  They're comfy (I have a big head and they really are comfy!) and my 3rd grader and I both enjoy wearing them.  You get 22 headbands in really good colors for just $24.99.  They'd be great to give to friends or just enjoy with your daughter.  The price and quality are really great.  10/10 recommend :)

Side note: Family adventures are always extra exciting with big toddler feelings!  Leo mostly enjoyed himself at this basketball game this week.  We wore our purple and orange headbands to the game.

10 // Heart Waffle Makers - We have a 2 heart waffle maker and I have gifted them to a few different people over the years.  It is so fun to eat heart waffles.  We actually use ours year round.  Heart waffles just taste better.  


I've got a few more random favorites that I'll include links to below - best books, best accessories, best valentines.  Spread the love!!

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  1. This is just the sweetest post. I’m pinning it. I’m ready for Valentine’s Day. Thank you. Happy Friday.

  2. Yes! Give me all the Valentine's Day things! I love celebrating this holiday, and you've found so many sweet goodies for everyone. I was excited to find some fidget toys at Dollar Tree for my nephews - perfect for pairing with some V-Day treats.

    Love your purple and orange outfits! There's a TON of purple and orange around here as Clemson University is the big school in our area, and those are their colors too. I think it's a fun combo!

  3. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!! My birthday is a few days after too so it's extra fun. We have a heart shaped waffle maker too that I plan to use for breakfast (or dinner?? hmm...). I got the kids each their set of valentines but haven't planned much more than that yet. We have some cute heart-decorated celophane bags so we might make brownies and valentines to share with the neighbors.

  4. I look forward to reading your blog. The kids and cats always make me smile! A heart shaped waffle maker was our favorite wedding gift. It lasted us close to 20 years, and it was used quite often.

  5. Would you believe that Squishmallows are even popular with college girls right now? Have a good weekend.

  6. LOVE lovin up on my babies for Valentine's Day! So many cute giftie ideas!!

  7. FUN! FUN! I miss making the class Valentine's


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