Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, Friends!  I feel like we were all able to take a deep breath this week and feel more settled.  We've been in our house for about 6 weeks and are finding some good rhythms and routines.  We aren't totally settled or unpacked, but things are feeling comfortable.  We've had movie nights and are watching some fun shows - Encanto, Carmen San Diego, (adults only) Schitt's Creek & catching up on The Voice.  We also bought Yellowstone and plan to start that.

We had a good week.  Let me tell you about my favorite moments.

1 // Snow day

We got a heavy dusting of snow on Monday and the kids loved playing in it.  Look at these cute mini snowmen!  We managed to do a little sledding and are really hoping for a big snow.  I got sucked into buying a new sled at the grocery store this week and hope we get to use it.

2 // Be My Valentine

I have picked up some cute Valentine shirts for the kids at Target, heart shaped candy and packed this Valentine lunch this week.

3 // Meow

Both cats love our new rugs.  Their calico coats blend in nicely :)  They've all found comfy spots to snooze and places to hang out.  And they're super sweet to us despite being loved hard (looking at you Leo)!

4 // Organizing

January is a popular time to start reorganizing, but honestly, I'm organizing year round.  I love it.  My favorite local grocery store has these storage bins right now.  They're the perfect size to go in my cabinets.  I'm sticking with buying black or white storage bins to keep things streamlined.  Target and TJ Maxx/Homegoods have all had great selections of baskets and bins if you need them.

5 // Swedish Fish Hearts

These are one of our very favorite heart candies.  I grabbed a handful and found a fish in the mix.  haha sneaky fish :)  My kids love these with their popcorn or in their school lunches.

6 // Art

Kevin mentioned needing some art/decorations for his office.  Fletcher must have overheard him and came back a little bit later with some art for him.  He said it was "Me and Dad on top of the mountain!  I even signed it for you"  It was really sweet.

7 // Friends

I've mentioned before that a middle of the school year/winter relocation is tricky.  And it's been so cold on top of that so it's been hard to get out and meet people.  I grabbed my mail to read in the car pick up line this week and had two cards from some Terre Haute friends.  It totally made me cry in the car line.  It was so sweet to hear from both and just to know they'd been thinking about me made my day.  Never underestimate the power of snail mail to encourage people!

8 // Squirrels

We stopped by my parent's house yesterday and Leo was quick to grab some cookies and watch the squirrels.  They generously feed them all year long.  Leo loves keeping a close eye on them.

9 // Favorites

My sister made me a new head wrap.  It's so pretty and so warm!  I will be wearing it on repeat.  I'm also wearing this GAP sweatshirt on repeat.  And I can't remember if I've told you just how much I LOVE my Loopy case lately.  They're a little pricey, but the quality is amazing.  They totally live up to the hype - very durable, cute loop colors and my case looks brand new after having it for years.  My only complaint - my cats love to chew on my loops.  They chew through the loop and I have to replace it.  That's not a Loopy issue.  It's totally a naughty kitten issue.

10 // Snack time

I prepped an after school mini muffin tin snack for the kids and they loved it.  They licked it clean.  It was really nice to have it prepped in the fridge so I could just pull it out for them after school when they come home starving from a long day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  Our plans are still very TBD, but I'm excited to be home together doing whatever we want.  See you back here next week.

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  1. Leo all bundled up is the cutest! I love your new head wrap - you’re adorable, Whitney! Happy Friday!

  2. I LOVE that pic of Leo and the Squirrel eyeing each other....hahaha so epic! My Calico princess also loves our rugs! and that picture Fletcher made for Kevin is so sweet! It's so cute when kids still draw people as a big round head and then sticks :) Have a great weekend, Whitney!

  3. Leo is the cutest in that scarf on the sled! Hope you have a good weekend!

  4. Leo is adorable in that sledding photo! Looks like a delicious snack tray.


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