Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Top 9 of 2021

I look forward to seeing my Top 9 Instagram posts every year.

Some years they're spot on and other years leave out some important milestones.

Let's take a peek at the highlights of 2021...

1 // Polka-Dotty Place turned 10 years old in July.

2 // Kevin earned tenure at Indiana State in the Spring.

3 // We announced that Kevin would be taking a new job at University of Evansville in 2022.

4 // Move in day at our new house in Evansville.

5 // Checking on the progress at our new house in November.

6 // We unexpectedly lost our 12 year old cat Oliver.

7 // I turned 40 in November and it was so much fun celebrating with family and friends!

8 // Our new neighbors surprised us with a feast our first week in the new house.

9 // We celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary in July.*

*Fun fact: Kevin and I actually got married in the chapel at University of Evansville in 2004.  He walks by there often when he is out and about on campus and it's a fun connection that we both have to UE.

That adds up to lots of highs, some lows and an unexpected plot twist for 2021 of moving.  We joked that if you would have told us in January of 2021 what the year would have in store for our family we never would have believed you.  Moving, relocating, new job, etc were not on our radar.

Some highlights that got missed from the top 9... all the kid's birthdays, my Jordan Bakery Box charcuterie board business was booming, lots of yummy food - school lunches, dinners and baking, local adventures, outdoor fun, movie nights, trips and travel and Kevin and I both turned 40 this year.  What a wild year!

Were your Top 9s accurate??


  1. I agree that sometimes the top 9 is a little off. I didn't post as much on IG this year, and I think it showed in my top 9. You really did have a monumental 2021!


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