Monday, January 10, 2022

Veggie Challenge

Do you eat enough vegetables every day?

I could always do better in this department.  I try to eat veggie packed salads, roast vegetables for dinner and then add them in for snacks whenever I can.

I set a goal for myself this year to eat more vegetables.  

My hope is that by me eating more veggies my family will also eat more veggies.  I'm planning to document my favorite veggie recipes and combinations each month.  I'll also tell you my secret to get your kids to eat veggies along the way.  And if we're being totally honest, winter fruit options are pretty sad in the Midwest this time of year so I'm trying to get creative with vegetables.

Let's cut to the chase!

1 // Fried Egg & Veggie Hash

I love this for breakfast or for lunch.  I fry two eggs hard, add in roasted sweet potatoes, sometimes onion and avocado.  Season it was anything you like.  SO good.  You can add in protein or cheese.  It's yummy with any add ins.


Anytime I make this for myself, Leo is determined to share.

2 // Broccoli Salad

I've been eating this broccoli, cauliflower, onion, bacon and sunflower seeds with a homemade mayo dressing.  It's a delicious side dish or a main course.

3 // Roasted Veggies in bulk

I love to roast veggies in big batches and then have them ready to eat all week long.  Diced sweet potatoes are so good with eggs, on salads and as a side dish.  My boys love these so much.  A huge sheet pan full of them don't last very long here.  I've had great luck doing this with sweet potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

4 // Kale Salads

Raw kale is pretty tough to chew, but if you saute it for a few minutes, it is much easier to eat.  It softens up with some olive oil and is so yummy.  This salad had kale, blueberries, roasted sweet potatoes, beans, onions, sunflower seeds and a homemade vinaigrette.  I sauteed the kale, onions and warmed up the sweet potatoes.  Then added in the other toppings and drizzled on some dressing.  I ate it at room temp and it was so good!  I loved having this for lunch several days in a row.  Prep the veggies and then cook the kale fresh each day.

5 // Shop & Chop on the same day

I try my hardest to shop and chop on the same day.  I pick up groceries and before the produce goes into my fridge I wash, chop and prep it to get for the week.  We eat way more healthy foods when I take the time to prep them.  I store it in clear glass containers in the fridge and it's ready to grab and go all week long.  Meal prepping is the best gift I can give to myself all week long.

And bonus, my kids LOVE to help with the fruit and veggie prep.  They get super excited to help and snack on the fruits and veggies as they prep them.  Leo ate tons of carrots this day :)

What's your favorite way to eat veggies??


  1. I love veggies, but cooking for a super picky eater really limits which ones I can serve with our meals. I try to get my veggies in during the breakfast and lunches I make for myself, similar to what you do. My go-to veggie is baby spinach. I love to add at least a cup of it to smoothies, I wilt it to add to scrambled eggs, soup or even pasta sauce. It's not really my favorite taste-wise, but it is so easy to work into whatever I'm fixing.

  2. Our family could definitely work on eating more veggies. A great resolution for your year, and the kids will follow your lead! Have a wonderful week.


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