Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a great week.  The week felt l-o-n-g, but there were lots of good moments.  We're ready for the weekend over here.  Let's get to our Friday favorite moments from the week:

1.School Routine

We're back to school.  Two weeks down and we're all feeling pretty good about it.  We are all exhausted and going to bed earlier than usual. 

Monday we had our saddest drop off with me leaving Fletcher going into the school sobbing.  I felt terrible.  I'm sure he felt terrible and it was so sad.  Then Tuesday after some pep talks, a chat with his teacher and Olive escorting him to his class he just shouted I'm feeling sad as we waved goodbye.  That was sad, but a big improvement from Monday.  

I told him every day would get a little easier.  We love him and are proud of him.  After that he's been great at drop off.  He's had great school days.  He told me - You're right, Mom!  It does get easier every day.  and I'm so excited to go to school today!  Hooray!  Both kids have had a little homework and loving kindergarten and 3rd grade.  Thank the Lord!  The week started out stressful and ended up with smiles all around.  Hugs to you if you're in the same boat!

2. Sweet Big Sister

Olive earns tickets in her class and gets to cash them in for various prizes.  This week she cashed in tickets and volunteered to read to her favorite 1st grade teacher's class and then she cashed in another set of tickets to surprise Fletcher and read to his class.  She was SO EXCITED.  She picked out a book that he loves, snuck it to school in her backpack and read to his class.  I was so proud of her.  She's also set some fun goals for herself this year and each day gives me an update on how they're going.

3. Air Show

We've had tons of military planes in town for the month of August doing training and it's been amazing!  They're flying right over our house and our side of town.  We picked up Culvers and had some picnics near the airport.  The kids loved pointing out the jets as they flew through the sky.

4. Life Hack

Save all those Culvers ice cream coupons - one free scoop per kids meal - and keep them with you at all times.  I leave mine in my wallet.  Then when you get the urge for ice cream, you can swing through the drive thru and get FREE ice cream for everyone.

5. Hobby Lobby

It feels nothing like Fall yet in the Midwest, but that didn't stop me from picking up some pretty fall florals at Hobby Lobby this week.  They're 40% off this week and there are so many lovely options.  Those mustard puff balls are AMAZING.  Stay tuned for a DIY Fall Wreath project.

6. Snow Cones with Friends

We've moved most of our meetings outdoors for my mom's group - board meetings, dinner meetings and now snow cone meetings.  It's so fun to find a way to meet with friends where we can all get together, spread out and enjoy the time together.  I tried a new snow cone flavor - peach - and it was amazing!  I've been dreaming about it all week long.  And then we had a gorgeous sunset to wrap up the meeting!

7. Jordan Bakery Box

I added something new to my menu this week - individual charcuterie boxes!  I love these new containers with a snap on lid.  These were for a fun luncheon at a local winery.  Wouldn't these be great for date night or lunch on the go or a work meeting!?  I can't wait to make more.  Follow me on instagram @jordanbakerybox or on Facebook at Jordan Bakery Box

8. Garden Fresh Produce

Our garden + our neighbor's garden has kept us very well stocked with tomatoes and peppers.  I made this yummy pico to go with tacos all week and the sweet corn has been amazing.  Keep all this fresh produce coming!

9. Toddler Chores

Leo watches us very closely.  He imitates what we do.  He noticed that we're always picking up sticks and adding them to our burn pile.  This week he started doing this job all on his own.  Anytime we are outside he looks for sticks and adds them to the pile.  It's so cute!

10. Topher

He's a sweet old man.  He was grateful to get to take a stress free nap when the big kids were at school and the baby was napping.  No one to bug him :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you back here on Monday.

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  1. Love that picture of Topher, he's so handsome!

    Poor Fletcher, my heart goes out to him - and to you! Hopefully it will get better as he makes friends and gets more familiar with his school. It's so nice that Olive is nearby - love that pic of her reading to the class! She's a chip off the old block. :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love that Olive read to F’s class…how special! So glad the drop off got easier. That’s so hard! Have a great weekend :)

  3. What a sweet big sister Olive is!! So glad that each day is better and better for Fletcher (and for mama)! So hard -

  4. I'm glad F's week got a little easier each day. How fun that O could go read to his class!

  5. I totally buy fall stuff hoping that fall temperatures will eventually arrive, lol. I'm over the 90+ degree weather.


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