Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Family Book Club

We've been enjoying some good books together this Summer.  As the kids are getting older it's exciting to find books that they love and pair them with a project, craft, art or adventure.  We don't always do an activity with the books we read.  Trust me - we read all summer long and I'm just showing you a few book club projects.  I pick out books that are fun or inviting and come up with an activity to go along with the book.  We use supplies we already have on hand from the craft closet and have a good time enjoying books together.

I took some pictures of the books we read in July to give you an idea of how we do family book club.  It's nothing super fancy.  It just takes a tiny bit of planning to pull off.  It's really exciting to see the kids getting excited about books, following along with more complicated chapter books and we find ourselves referencing the books throughout our days.

I linked some of our favorite books in my post yesterday - Prime Purchases: Back to School


The Wold Needs Who You Were Made to Be By Joanna Gaines //

We LOVE this book.  It's beautiful and it was so fun to do some watercolor art with the kids.  The painted their backgrounds.  Then they painted the hot air balloons.  We let everything dry and did the cutting/assembling the next day.  They turned out so pretty!

Socks //

We read Socks together and didn't do any special activities.  We just enjoyed the book.

James & the Giant Peach //

We are wrapping up reading this Roald Dahl classic - James and the Giant Peach.  We have really enjoyed it.  We did art - paint your favorite scene from the story.  We watched the movie together.  And we did some peach investigating.  I let the kids cut apart a peach and check out all the little details.  They eat peaches all the time, but this was their first time looking at a peach seed up close.  It helped give them some perspective on this giant peach we've been reading about.

Make Your Own Adventure //

I was reading one of my magazines and it had this fun activity called Make Your Own Adventure.  It was a fun visual to do list of things the kids wanted to do for the last two weeks of summer.  I folded their paper into 16 equal sized rectangles.  Then told them they had to use at least 6 colors, put something different in every box and to think about how they wanted to spend the next couple of weeks.  They didn't need to worry about spelling or doing anything perfectly.  Just do their best.  They had tons of fun and really enjoyed presenting their lists to me.

And I've been reading Awaking Wonder by Sally Clarkson.  It's great so far.

What are your favorite summer reads?

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  1. I love that you do this with your kids. I've thought about starting something similar with my oldest niece who is ten, because she really likes to read. I think you've inspired me to really think about doing this! She'd love it because she's a fan of crafts and all that too.



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