Monday, August 23, 2021

Favorite After School Snack

Hey, friends!  We're ready for week #2 of school after a really relaxing and restful weekend at home.  I'm praying my kids and your kids have great weeks at school.  

I surprised the kids with their favorite after school snack - lots of little bites in a mini muffin tin.

It's super easy - just grab whatever you have on hand - I've been making some back to school snack boxes so my mix was very ABC back to school themed.  You can add anything your kids like - fruits, veggies, salty and sweet.  Add Nutella for dipping and your snack is complete.

I like to build this after lunch and pop it in the fridge.  That way I'm not assembling it when the kids get home.  It's waiting on the counter for them when they walk in.  They put away their school stuff, wash their hands really well and dig in.  They can eat whatever they like.  They've learned charcuterie/snack board etiquette so they know to eat a variety of things and not wipe out one single category by themselves.

Would your kids be excited about this afternoon snack?

I tried to do two muffin cups for each type of food item.  I love the big mini muffin pans since you end up with 24 different cups for snacks.  I also included two star food picks for my super star students (and also to minimize arguing :)

Hot & tired from school and extra thankful for a fun snack.  They ate a lot of it since they come home from school starving.

I'd given Leo a pint sized version of this snack and then things got way too quiet when we'd walked out of the kitchen.  I came in to find Leo on top of the counter finishing off the snack and saying yum.

No such thing as baby proofing for this guy.  He was sampling all that candy I'd left off his plate.

Mom, this stuff is AMAZING!  Quit babying me and give me the big kid snacks.

Why have you been keeping Nutella from me!?!

 I do a fun snack like this about once a week and change it up.  I bake their favorite cookies or treats to come home to, stock the freezer with their favorite popsicles, make a snack muffin tray or we make smoothies.  Then the other days we do easy things like Gardettos and apple slices or skinny pop and strawberries.  It's just the thought that counts - It's a priority to me to serve favorite foods to the people that I love!

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  1. This is such a fun idea. Leo is definitely keeping you on your toes!


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