Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Beginning of the Year Teacher Gifts for Under $10

We're only on week 2 of school, but between the heat, the stress of a new year and the chaos of figuring out all the new routines and expectations, I think we all need a little pick me up!  Being a former teacher, I know that teachers never get tired of feeling loved and appreciated.  You don't have to spend much to make someone feel special.  I've got several ideas for you today that are super affordable - from free to $10.

1. Sip, Sip, Hooray!  We made it to Friday!

I made this cute tag, had the kids personalize it for their teachers and tied it to these cute water bottles!  They come in a two pack at Sams right now for $19.98.  Each water bottle comes with two straws, two types of lids and a straw cleaner.  That's a lot of parts for just $10.  I let the kids pick them out and then decide which one their teacher would love.  Olive's teacher has been using it every day.

Fletcher has been sad to head to school in the mornings because he says his days are so long and he misses mom.  Poor guy!  Having a little surprise to give his teacher has brought a smile to both of the kid's faces in the morning.

Here are the three different sets of water bottles my Sams stores has.  I love that there are great options for men and women!  I loved them so much that I bought another set for myself. Can you guess which one?  They aren't listed as an option for grocery pick up, but they seem to have plenty of them in stores right now.

Up close - water bottle, personalized gift tag, ribbon and all the extra parts fit perfectly down inside a gift bag.

2. Baked treats!

These 12 packs of cookies that I've been making would be the perfect git for a favorite teacher.  If you're not feeling comfortable baking for your child's teacher, stop by a local bakery and pick up a yummy baked treat for them.  Include a nice note sharing any compliments from the start of the school year - they'd love to hear great feedback!

3. Favorite Things List

Print out a favorite things survey and give it to your child's teacher to fill out.  I used this one from Room Mom Rescue  - it was free if you signed up for the newsletter.  I love knowing each teacher's favorite things for little surprises for them throughout the year.

4. Email Gift Card

Send your child's teacher an email gift card for $10 to Starbucks, Amazon or pick up a little local gift card for them.  It would be a great way to introduce yourself and get the year started on a friendly foot.

5. Personalized bracelets

My kids love making these pony bead bracelets.  Both kids made some for themselves, I made some for them and then they made some for their teachers.  It made their day to share something that they made with their teacher right away.  It cost us less than $1 per bracelet.

Which idea would work best for you?


  1. I love how intentional you are with doing sweet things for the teachers. I am sure it makes their days so much sweeter. Poor Fletcher, I totally sympathize with him. I was like that too, and sometimes I still get homesick when I'm at work during the day! There's no place like it. :)


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