Friday, August 6, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy August!  Gosh, Summer has flown by so fast.  I'm not quite ready for it to end.  It was a busy week over here.  Lots of back to school prep, enjoying summer, watching the Olympics, meeting up with friends, water balloons, a road trip and appointments for everyone.  I'm ready for the weekend!

Favorite moments of the week:

1. Christmas Lake Family Reunion

We drove a couple hours away to meet my parents at their Christmas Lake house for the weekend.  We checked out the water from the docks, played on the playgrounds and saw all the deer.  We had a blast and Fletcher asked if he could move there.  The weather was really nice all weekend.


I love a good buffet of everyone's favorite foods.  I made potato salad and chocolate chip cookies.

We look forward to getting together with my Dad's family every August.  My balloon garland was a pain to hang but it turned out pretty.

Fletcher deemed this the prettiest spot for a picture.

They loved all the new areas to explore and the big windows.  Their Christmas Lake house is decorated for Christmas year round.

2. Our Garden

Did you see my post earlier this week for Garden Fresh Bruschetta?  It was sooo good!  We also harvested zucchini and made chocolate zucchini bread.  It's been really fun to grow our own veggies.

3. Exercising

July was such a good month for me in the exercise department.  I made it a priority and felt so good as a result.  I'm hoping to keep up that momentum in August.  I have to lock the cats out of the bonus room because they like to hop on the treadmill with me and play with the belt.  It's not safe at all.  Crazy cats!

4. Rose of  Sharon

We have two Rose of Sharon bushes are they are just gorgeous this time of year!!

5. PreK Church Graduation

Fletcher got to go to his PreK graduation at church.  They gave each kid their own Bible and had the cutest campfire theme.  Kevin took Fletcher and I stayed home so Leo could nap.  They made smores, did crafts, got his Bible and saw friends.  He loved it!

6. Back to School Prep

We stopped in Meijer to grab Fletcher's school supplies.  He picked out everything in green and got some new Minecraft lunch stuff.  He was thrilled.  We get to meet his teacher today!  Yay!


7. Penny & Pearl

These sweet girls are about to turn one.  They the best friends and the best cats.

8. Appointments

We squeezed in all the well checks, dentist appointments and follow ups this week.  The kids are doing great and that makes me so happy.

9. Oh Leo

This guy has been waking up way earlier than everyone else.  I guess he didn't get the sleeping in memo for Summer.  So I wake up with him and we hang out in the playroom.  I caught him lounging on the couch, eating a granola bar, watching Cocomelon.  Living the baby dream!


I hope you have a great weekend!  See you back here on Monday.

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  1. I agree that this summer FLEW by. It seems like just last week that it was April! How fun to spend time with lots of extended family, and in a house that's decorated for Christmas! I'm glad everyone is healthy and all shopped up for school. Penny and Pearl are just the sweetest - Peggy is the same way with me, always right under my feet no matter what I'm doing. I call her Miss FOMO! :)


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