Friday, September 6, 2019

The Highlights

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a great week.  We loved having a three day weekend, snuck in lots of sweet moments, fun and had an unexpected sick day home with Olive yesterday. 

The best parts of our week were:

Grilling!  We ate burgers and burger salads all week.

Kevin kicked off his 5th year of as a professor!  Hoping and praying it's a wonderful year.

Fletcher successfully got his staples removed!  It was quite the ordeal.  We went to have them removed when the ER doctor suggested and it was too soon.  He started bleeding and it was traumatic for both of us.  We waited a week later and went back.  He was really nervous and really brave to have to go through that again.  The nurses were amazing the second visit (awful the first visit) and were very kind to him.  They told him he was brave and let him take his staples home in a jar.  He was thrilled.  We are still taking things easy to ensure everything heals completely.

We've been playing in the backyard LOTS!  Lemonade cheers to that!

 Our fairy garden looks great.  This was our first year to grow flowers in it and it worked!

We've been exploring favorite parks around town with our friends.

Fletcher and I have been walking and strolling regularly now that the weather has cooled off some.

Do you spy Olive?  She's doing some light reading in a tree :)

These two are getting better at scootering.

We got a last minute invitation to join some neighbors for a football viewing party in their backyard.  It was really fun!  We all enjoyed ourselves.  I'm so glad we went, but I'll be honest, I struggle with spontaneous plans.  I like to prepare, make food, and plan for social things.  So I have to fight my initial reaction to say no and say yes sometimes.  I'm glad we went and my kids are dying for us to recreate these "meat popsicles" on the grill.

Two new Aldi favorites: Sliced loaf of sour dough and thick cut bacon.  Both were delicious for BLTs.

We finally made it back to church after keeping Fletcher out for a few weeks while he had staples.

Another Labor Day cookout.  I was in charge of dessert.  We had fun with friends and stomp rockets!

Notre Dame is 1-0 :)

Olive is writing all the things.  She's sounding everything out and working hard on becoming a fluent writer and reader.  It's so sweet to watch.

All of her new hair that is growing is coming in GOLDEN.  It's the prettiest highlights.  She's also got new freckles every time I look at her cute face.

We went on our longest bike ride yet around the neighborhood.  It's fun to try new routes. Olive insisted that her legs were getting strong enough to bike around the whole neighborhood with me.  We went on our first girls only ride.  It was so much fun.

 Our football charcuterie boards were a hit this week!

Fletcher loves to rhyme and thinks potty words are hilarious.  He also asks me if it's time to pick up Olive a million times a day.    

Hope you have some fun plans in the works for your weekend!!

I'm taking a break from hosting the H54F link up every Friday.  My friends are still keeping it up so head over to any of their blogs to link up 3 of your favorite posts from the week.

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  1. What a lovely week! So glad Fletcher’s is better and so sorry to hear that Olive was sick. Hope the rest of you all don’t get it! Happy Friday!

  2. Great Week!!!!! I love this time of year!

  3. Sorry the staple removal was a bit tough but glad to hear he's all better. Sounds like a good week!

  4. Poor Fletcher with the staples and the unpleasant nurses! Looks like a fun week. I love the closeup pic of Olive with highlights and freckles. Have a good weekend!


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