Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Favorite Amazon Prime Purchases

I just love the convenience of shopping on Amazon.  It's so handy, saves me a trip to the store and free two day shipping for Prime members saves me all the time.  I do lots of our household shopping, birthday shopping and even home decor.

I've got 6 things to share with you today.  They're all favorites that I've purchased and loved.  I would highly recommend all these things.  I'll post my affiliate links at the bottom of this post in case you're interested in shopping/supporting me :)

1. 2 piece Macrame Wall Hangings
I picked these up for a gallery wall project I'm working on and they're great quality.  They are well made and super affordable.  I love the texture and rope details it'll add to my gallery wall.

2. Adventure Awaits Sign
This is listed as a wedding sign, but it's perfect for a gallery wall.  Its a great size and great quality.  I always talk about going on adventures with my kids.  This sign seemed perfect for their space.

3. KidCo Bath Toy Organizer
Our kid bathroom is also our guest bathroom so I was looking for a way to corral their toys.  I love that this organizers is adjustable, holds lots of toys and has slots all over it to ensure that everything drains dry.  It's easy to move, easy to fill and we are really loving having a spot to hold bath toys.

4. Barbie Club Chelsea Boy Barbie
Olive is really into Barbies right now and I finally figured out a solution for helping both kids play Barbies without fighting - BOY BARBIES!  Fletcher loves to play with her and the boy Barbies have seriously decreased the fighting/arguing at my house.  Olive is happy to let him play as long as he's not playing with the girls.  Fletcher is thrilled to have boys to play with.  And it's a bonus that this guy looks a lot like Fletcher :)  This item takes a little longer to ship, but it's worth the wait!

5. Stainless Steel Commercial Grade Dipping Cups
We have used these cups so much!  The kids love using them for tiny snacks, they're great for dips like ranch, ketchup or mustard and they're fun on charcuterie boards.  They're shiny and have held up really well.

6. Hotel Quality Mattress Topper
I'm not sure if I've ever talked about this or not, but I don't love our mattress.  Kevin surprised me with a new mattress a year or so ago and I was not a fan.  It was so firm.  Yuck!  I tried hard to like it.  It just wasn't comfortable and it wasn't returnable :(  I am happy to report that thanks to this mattress topper, I am finally on board with the mattress.  The topper is so cushy and cozy.  You'd never know there was a firm mattress underneath.  It's very easy to put on your mattress and it doesn't wiggle around at all.  It's wonderful and affordable!

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What have you bought and loved from Amazon recently??

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  1. I love that adventure awaits sign!! I think I need those stainless steel dipping cups!

  2. This was a fun post! We recently toured an Amazon fulfillment center, so I have a whole new appreciation for their amazing shipping policies. They have certainly changed everything, haven’t they?!

  3. Cute wall art! We also have a similar bath toy holder!

  4. The boy Barbie is such a fun idea, and that one definitely looks like Fletcher! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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