Monday, September 30, 2019

Family Learning Day

Every year our library hosts the nicest event - Family Learning Day!

They recruit tons of local businesses and organizations to set up tents in the parking lot just for kids.  Each tent offers something different and many give out FREE BOOKS to the kids.  We look forward to going every September. 

My mom's group always sets up a booth so it was fun to help this year.  My friend Becky planned a really great Grow Your Community themed booth.  It turned out awesome.  We also go to debut our new logo.  I've been working since Summer to update our logo, all our printed materials, website, banner, etc.  It's taken me HOURS working with a local graphic designer and I was so proud to see all of it on display.  My first major goal for my year as president can be checked off my to do list!!

I took the kids around to some tents.  Then it was time for me to work our booth.  Kevin took the kids to the rest of the tents.  They had the best time!  He definitely let them do some things that I would not have.  I think you'll be able to see what I'm talking about.

Indiana State's mascot Sycamore Sam was walking around saying hi to all the kids.

A local aquatic center brought tons of their animals for the kids to see.  Olive LOVED it.  The played musical instruments, rode bikes on a cool track, made candy necklaces, bird feeders and bookmarks.

The kids got to meet Miss Indiana and her royal friends.

 They also got to climb in the fire truck.

We got to see lots of friends, got a ton of new books and had the best morning!


  1. What a fun day. I love the new logo and I bet you're an incredible president! That snake...eeek!

  2. Olive is SO BRAVE!! That snake! Your new logo looks awesome, great job! That definitely sounds like a fun morning!

  3. That snake is huge! I can't believe Olive put it around her neck. EEK

  4. What an awesome event! Minus the snake...I would have run the other way! lol. I'm terrified of snakes!


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