Friday, September 27, 2019

3 Things

Happy Friday!  It's been a busy week at our house and I'm ready for the weekend.  Today's post is a little update of three things for everyone in the family.

1. He started doing some consulting work for a new place in town in addition to his regular job and it's keeping him busy.

2. His Men's League golf team got knocked out of the championship in the semi finals.  He is proud to say he was undefeated in all his matches this year and shaved a bit off his handicap.

3.Kevin is dying for me to make an apple pie for him.  Or cinnamon rolls.  Or both.

1. I am really lacking the motivation to decorate for Fall because it's still so hot.  Maybe this weekend I'll pull out the pumpkins.  I also feel the urge to purge my decorations so I'd like to do that at the same time I decorate.  I usually wait until October to buy mums and pumpkins for my porch.  Both things are on my calendar for next week.

2. I need to get a new iphone, but the whole process is a bit of a pain.  Which iphone do I want?  I honestly don't even know my options because I rarely shop for phones.  Help: iphone users - help me out here - which iphone should I get?  I'm sorry to anyone that has to look at my cracked mess of a phone.  My phone is at least 4 years old.  I've dropped it several times since Summer and it makes me mad every time I look at the spider webby screen.

3. I splurged on the kid's Halloween costumes this year because they both had very specific requests.  I'm hoping they LOVE them when they arrive.  They're from Disney!

1. Olive starts Fall tennis this week.  She's thrilled that it's indoors as opposed to Summer tennis that was outside.

2. She is loving spelling tests this year.  She's gotten all her regular words right each week and usually adds a bonus point or two to her score with the challenge words.

3. Barbies & baby dolls are her favorite toys right now.  She spends hours playing with both.

1. He's dying to learn how to write - shapes, letters, numbers, etc.  We practice every day.  He spends a lot of time drawing with markers, crayons and dry erase markers.  His favorite things are people, ghosts, pumpkins and telling stories to go along with his pictures.

2. He seems like such a big kid most of the time.  He follows directions, is helpful, walks around the stores by himself and is turning into the sweetest little man.

3. Fletcher is memorizing the words to songs and singing along to more and more.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  We're planning to watch some football, go out with friends, play outside and maybe go apple picking if the weather cooperates.


  1. When my boys were little I used the Mead Primary Journal (blank on top half, lines on the bottom) to have them practice "journaling". They would draw a picture and then tell me a few sentences about it. To start I would just write it and then we'd work up to them writing a few words. And now my baby who's a 1st grader sounds out the words on his own (but on the tricky words I usually write the correct spelling about whatever he has written.) Maybe Fletcher would like his own "book"!

  2. It's hot here too, but I just can't help decorating. I don't think the mums would survive though. I got an iphone xr in May and absolutely love it. It took me about a day to get used to not having a button, but the camera is incredible. I'm sure the 11's are even better.

  3. This was a fun post! Love hearing what you guys have been up to. Very cool about Kevin‘s new side gig! We went to the Apple Store last night to play around with the new phone. I have a 7+, and haven’t really felt like I needed the upgrade because it is awesome. But my husband has a six and wants me to upgrade so he can take my phone. (that’s what we usually do) so my phone ignorance is going to show here, but we looked at all three of the new ones, and if you are a big camera user I would splurge for the most expensive one. It has a great big screen, and the camera capabilities are awesome. It has a wide angle lens which feels like go pro.

  4. I felt like purging my fall décor when I was putting it all out this year. It felt so good to get rid of older and not as loved stuff. I've been purging with each holiday and season.

  5. It's so hot here too! I'm with you on waiting and putting out the mums and pumpkins!

  6. I had to replace my iPhone 7 about a month ago and upgraded to the XS. I really like it! The camera is SO much better and I wasn't as thrown off with the lack of a home button as I thought I'd be. My sister just got the 11 and she is raving about hers, too. It's just way too big for me!

  7. I always default to buying the iPhone that is one version older than the newest one. It has most of the upgrades but winds up being a lot cheaper.


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